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The State of Cybersecurity in the UK and Germany

Last month, we worked with Vanson Bourne, the renowned research company, to understand the current state of cybersecurity in the UK and Germany. We posed twenty questions to over 400 organisations.

Our survey results confirm that most organisations believe that a cyberattack is inevitable, not just a matter of “if” but “when.” With that reality in mind, an offensive approach is needed to protect data, corporate assets and reputation. We questioned participants about the security technologies they have deployed, what new controls they intend to implement, and how quickly they could respond to an incident should it occur. The results are promising, but several surprises lurk in the numbers that you will want to consider.

For example, 64% of respondents had experienced an attack during the past year. And while 78% of organisations are vulnerability scanning at least once a week, only 10% of the respondents scan 100% of their assets. That leaves a lot of room for an attack to occur.

How does your organisation stack up?

How does your organisation stack up? Want to compare your program to others? You can download a copy of an opinion piece on the subject, a fascinating infographic, and a recording of the recent webinar, How Well are Your Peers Dealing with Cyber Threats? Armed with this information, you can improve your security posture with a few key changes.