As information about new vulnerabilities is discovered and released into the general public domain, Tenable Research designs programs to detect them. These programs are named plugins and are written in the Nessus Attack Scripting Language (NASL). The plugins contain vulnerability information, a simplified set of remediation actions and the algorithm to test for the presence of the security issue. Tenable Research has published 147062 plugins, covering 58886 CVE IDs and 30707 Bugtraq IDs.


140803Ubuntu 20.04 LTS : Sanitize vulnerability (USN-4543-1)NessusUbuntu Local Security Checksmedium
140802Ubuntu 16.04 LTS : MiniUPnPd vulnerabilities (USN-4542-1)NessusUbuntu Local Security Checksmedium
140801Ubuntu 16.04 LTS : Gnuplot vulnerabilities (USN-4541-1)NessusUbuntu Local Security Checksmedium
140800Ubuntu 16.04 LTS : libquicktime vulnerabilities (USN-4545-1)NessusUbuntu Local Security Checkshigh
140799Cisco IOS XR Authenticated User Privilege Escalation (cisco-sa-iosxr-cli-privescl-sDVEmhqv)NessusCISCOmedium
140798Citrix SD-WAN WANOP Multiple Vulnerabilities (CTX281474)NessusCGI abuseshigh
140797openSUSE Security Update : samba (openSUSE-2020-1513)NessusSuSE Local Security Checkshigh
140796Debian DSA-4766-1 : rails - security updateNessusDebian Local Security Checkshigh
140795Node.js multiple vulnerabilities (September 2020 Security Releases).NessusWindowshigh
140794Xen PCI Passthrough Code Reading Back Hardware Registers DoS (XSA-337)NessusMisc.high
140785Photon OS 3.0: Linux PHSA-2020-3.0-0144NessusPhotonOS Local Security Checkslow
140783Oracle Linux 8 : firefox (ELSA-2020-3832)NessusOracle Linux Local Security Checkshigh
140782RHEL 6 : kernel (RHSA-2020:3836)NessusRed Hat Local Security Checkshigh
140781RHEL 8 : firefox (RHSA-2020:3834)NessusRed Hat Local Security Checkshigh
140780RHEL 8 : firefox (RHSA-2020:3832)NessusRed Hat Local Security Checkshigh
140779RHEL 6 : firefox (RHSA-2020:3835)NessusRed Hat Local Security Checkshigh
140778RHEL 8 : firefox (RHSA-2020:3833)NessusRed Hat Local Security Checkshigh
140777Wireshark 2.6.x < 2.6.20 Multiple VulnerabilitiesNessusWindowsmedium
140776Wireshark 2.6.x < 2.6.20 Multiple Vulnerabilities (macOS)NessusMacOS X Local Security Checksmedium
140775Wireshark 3.0.x < 3.0.14 Multiple VulnerabilitiesNessusWindowsmedium