On-Demand Webinar, Opinion Piece and Infographic

How well are your peers dealing with cyber threats?

Tenable Network Security® conducted a survey in April 2015 with renowned research company Vanson Bourne to gain insight into the current state of cybersecurity across the UK and Germany. View the on-demand webinar “How well are your peers dealing with cyber threats?” which gives insight into the interesting results gathered. For example:

  • 64% of respondents experienced an attack over the last 12 months, with 32% losing some data in the attack
  • 20% of the attacks involved disgruntled employees and 10% were attributed to competitors
  • Only 56% of the respondents said that cybersecurity was in the top 3 priorities of their Boards and C-Suites
  • A good 78% of the organisations are scanning for vulnerabilities at least once a week, but only 10% scan 100% of their assets

Upon access you will also be provided with the opinion piece “How well are your peers dealing with cyber threats?” which discusses the findings further and the Infographic “The State of Cybersecurity in 2015” highlighting key facts.

The results included some surprises and validated other market assumptions held by many within the security industry.

Access the webinar, opinion piece and infographic