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Tenable Podcast Episode 201 - "Internet Explorer 0Day"

Welcome to the Tenable Network Security Podcast Episode 201


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    • IE 0Day Vulnerability - Several interesting points regarding this vulnerability:
      • It affects most versions of Internet Explorer, including Windows XP and Microsoft still has not released a patch at the time of this writing.
      • Workarounds include using a different web browser, disabling ActiveX, Un-Installing Adobe Flash and enabling and configuring EMET
      • Tenable customers can detect which versions of Internet Explorer are in use, and on which systems, using credentialed scanning, passive detection, and log correlation. Nessus will report the version of IE in use, PVS will detect it on the wire, and LCE will report User-Agent data from your web servers.
      • Nessus will report on the version of EMET in use on target systems, and report if Adobe Flash is installed
      • Tenable customers can use a configuration auditing file to check for the pretense and correct configuration of EMET
      • We've released a new SC Dashboard to summarize the reporting of this vulnerability.
      • Once a patch is released Nessus will be updated to include a check
    • Between IE and OpenSSL there is recent evidence of how vulnerabilities can hide within your network. You need ways to continuously discover them, evaluate risk and react.

      The SecurityCenter Dashboard mentioned in this episode is below:

      Nessus also has the ability to perform configuration auditing against EMET, also mentioned in the show, example results are shown below:

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