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New in Nessus 6.6

Note:  Nessus Cloud is now a part of Tenable.io Vulnerability Management. To learn more about this application and its latest capabilities, visit the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management web page.

We are pleased to announce the release of Nessus 6.6. We are excited about the new and updated capabilities being delivered. Here are some highlights.

Nessus Cloud workflow updates

If you’re currently using Nessus Cloud, you’ll notice a few changes to the user interface with this release. All the capabilities that Nessus Cloud provides - vulnerability scanning, configuration assessment, malware detection, etc. - continue to be available, although the exact steps to use them are changing slightly. These changes will make it easier for you to find and use key capabilities. Look for changes in these areas:


When you first log in to your updated Nessus Cloud, you might ask yourself, “Where’s my scan data?” Don’t worry - it’s all still there. Where you’d normally see a list of scan jobs, you’ll see a new dashboard view that will give you a quick overview of scan results. The list of scans can still be accessed by clicking the Scans menu at the top and then My Scans link on the left menu.


If you want to run a new scan, the process hasn’t changed, but you’ll find the New Scan button moved to the right side of the Nessus Cloud interface:

New Scan


While not as big a change as the Scans and Agents, if you’re used to accessing Policies through the top menu, you’ll now find it a bit further down the screen under the Resources Take a look at the Scans screen snap as an example.


With this release, you should find it much easier to manage Nessus Agents, including setting up scans for Nessus Agents. For example, all of the agent settings can now be quickly accessed through the new Resources area on the main scan window.

You’ll also notice that we’ve organized all of the scan templates - including the ones available for agent scans - into tabs. So when you want to set up a new scan for Nessus Agents you’ve deployed, it will be quick and easy to get started with the right scan templates.

Scan Templates

Nessus Agents updates

While we're on the topic of Nessus Agents, with Nessus 6.6, agents now support Windows 10 and Debian 8. Many of you have been asking for this, especially Windows 10 support.

New platform support

In addition to the Nessus Agents Windows 10 and Debian 8 platform support noted above, with the 6.6 release, Nessus scanners and Nessus Professional also support Windows 10 and Debian 8, Kali 2.0.

New configuration audits

And finally, our compliance research team has added several brand new configuration audits in Nessus 6.6. Look for articles later this week from our director of compliance research, Mehul Revankar, with details about new configuration audits for Docker and OpenStack.

More information

  • If you’re a current Nessus Cloud customer and want to see more about the workflow changes, log in to the Tenable Support Portal and click the Training Videos link in the options on the left side of the screen. Matt McClellan, the product manager for Nessus, recorded videos where you can see exactly what’s changed and what’s new.
  • Information about Nessus Agents, including white papers and videos, is available on our website.
  • If you’d like to try Nessus Cloud, Nessus Manager or Nessus Professional, request an evaluation

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