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Announcing Tenable SecurityCenter CV Version 4.8

Tenable is excited to announce the general availability of SecurityCenter Continuous View (SC CV) version 4.8. This latest update to the SecurityCenter product family is the latest step in Tenable’s history of innovation and market leadership. SecurityCenter CV 4.8 is the first product in the industry to integrate vulnerability, threat and compliance management, introducing several features that enable security teams to accelerate security forensic analysis and incident response.

This release is built on the industry’s only security solution that provides 100% asset discovery 100% of the time, and couples this coverage with hundreds of business relevant security apps, reports and dashboards. Tenable SC CV 4.8 uniquely combines data from vulnerability assessments, asset information, network sniffing and activity event logs providing relevant context which allows intuitive analysis so that users can determine baselines, identify high priority threats, rapidly mitigate incidents and effortlessly demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Key Features

Tenable SecurityCenter CV 4.8 delivers the following features and capabilities that bring the only integrated Vulnerability, Threat and Compliance Management platform to the industry.

Pivoting and Contextual Filtering

Tenable SC CV 4.8 introduces the concept of pivoting from one data set during forensic analysis to another while keeping the relevant context and scope of the analysis. E.g. a security analyst can go from analyzing the exploits on a suspicious device to examining the network communications of that device with a single click. This provides extremely intuitive analysis by giving the security analyst an educated guess on what to inspect next.

Combination Asset Modeling

Tenable SC CV 4.8 introduces combination, or assets of assets in the console that makes is easy to handle very large networks, for example tens of class C spaces, as well as organize assets based on business function, geography or any system property. Asset of assets are dynamically updated so that any changes to the network and device topology is immediately reflected in the management framework. Being able to organize assets dramatically improves security analysis, for example attack path scenarios can be quickly built and analyzed.

User Based Modeling and Reporting

The security analysts using Tenable SC CV 4.8 can now manage their areas of responsibility through SC CV 4.8’s user based modeling. Administrators can define who owns and manages specific assets, and summarize security status by areas of ownership. SC CV 4.8 also packages reports and dashboards that show the security posture by owner, allowing security analysts to focus on their security analysis and incidents, helping them work more efficiently and dramatically improving the time to respond to incidents.

Updated HTML 5 User Interface

Tenable SC CV 4.8 brings a completely new and refreshed HTML 5 user interface. This streamlines the way forensic analysts and security incident responders navigate the application, and enables the pivoting, filtering and investigative features described above. The new interface also flows through to SC CV’s task management and workflow components, simplifying task and incident assignment, and case follow up.

To learn more about these capabilities and for further details please visit “What’s New In SecurityCenter CV 4.8.”

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