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[R3] PVS 5.2.0 Fixes Multiple Third-party Library Vulnerabilities



Tenable's Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) uses third-party libraries to provide certain standardized functionality. Four of these libraries were found to contain vulnerabilities and were fixed upstream. Those fixes have been integrated despite there being no known exploitation scenarios related to PVS.

  • OpenSSL ssl/statem/statem.c read_state_machine() Function Message Handling Use-after-free Remote Code Execution
  • OpenSSL CRL Handling Unspecified NULL Pointer Dereference DoS
  • OpenSSL ssl/t1_lib.c ssl_parse_clienthello_tlsext() Function OCSP Status Request Extension Handling Memory Exhaustion Remote DoS
  • OpenSSL Certificate Message Handling Limited Out-of-bounds Read DoS Weakness
  • OpenSSL ssl/statem/statem_dtls.c dtls1_preprocess_fragment() Function DTLS Message Handling Memory Exhaustion Remote DoS
  • OpenSSL ssl/record/rec_layer_s3.c SSL_peek() Function Empty Record Handling Remote DoS
  • OpenSSL ssl/statem/statem_lib.c tls_get_message_header() Function Memory Exhaustion Remote DoS
  • OpenSSL crypto/mdc2/mdc2dgst.c MDC2_Update() Function Buffer Overflow Weakness
  • OpenSSL ssl/t1_lib.c tls_decrypt_ticket() Function Ticket HMAC Digest Handling Remote DoS
  • OpenSSL DTLS Buffered Message Saturation Queue Exhaustion Remote DoS
  • OpenSSL DTLS Implementation Record Epoch Sequence Number Handling Remote DoS
  • OpenSSL crypto/bn/bn_print.c BN_bn2dec() Function BIGNUM Handling Buffer Overflow DoS
  • OpenSSL crypto/ts/ts_lib.c TS_OBJ_print_bio() Function Out-of-bounds Read Issue
  • OpenSSL crypto/dsa/dsa_ossl.c DSA Signing Algorithm Constant Time Failure Side-channel Attack Information Disclosure
  • OpenSSL Integer Overflow Unspecified Weakness
  • Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (3DES) 64-bit Block Size Birthday Attack HTTPS Cookie MitM Disclosure (SWEET32)
  • SQLite Insecure Temporary Directory Usage Local Issue
  • Expat XML Parser Input Document Handling Buffer Overflow
  • Expat lib/xmlparse.c XML_GetBuffer() Function Compressed XML Content Handling Buffer Overflow
  • Expat lib/xmlparse.c generate_hash_secret_salt() Function PRNG Non-random Output Generation Weakness
  • Expat xmlparse.c Hash Table Collision DoS
  • jQuery UI dialog() Function closeText Parameter XSS

Note that the CVSSv2 score associated with this advisory is specific to the OpenSSL integration into PVS and assumes a worst-case scenario. These updates are proactive; Tenable has had no reports of exploitation and some of these issues may not impact PVS at all. Please note that Tenable strongly recommends that PVS be installed on a subnet that is not Internet addressable.

Additionally, a reflected XSS vulnerability affecting the PVS Web GUI was fixed in the HTML 1.7.1 and Web Server 1.8.0 updates delivered via the plugin feed on November 14, 2016. A default install of PVS 5.2.0 includes these fixes. This issue was reported to us by Kaustubh Padwad. Tenable thanks him for privately reporting the issue to us.


Tenable has released version 5.2.0 that corresponds to the supported operating systems and architectures. This version bundles the updated OpenSSL library (1.0.2j), jQuery UI (1.12.0), Expat (2.2.0), and SQLite (3.13.0), which are not affected. The new version is available at:


This page contains information regarding security vulnerabilities that may impact Tenable's products. This may include issues specific to our software, or due to the use of third-party libraries within our software. Tenable strongly encourages users to ensure that they upgrade or apply relevant patches in a timely manner.

Tenable takes product security very seriously. If you believe you have found a vulnerability in one of our products, we ask that you please work with us to quickly resolve it in order to protect customers. Tenable believes in responding quickly to such reports, maintaining communication with researchers, and providing a solution in short order.

For more details on submitting vulnerability information, please see our Vulnerability Reporting Guidelines page.

If you have questions or corrections about this advisory, please email [email protected]

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