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Why Periodic Security Scans Aren’t Good Enough in Today’s Threat Environment

In a recent post in Wired’s Innovation Insights blog, Ron Gula explains why continuous monitoring is needed as preventive healthcare to protect today’s IT landscape.

An annual medical exam is routine for most of us, and something we usually do when we are feeling relatively well. But imagine a scenario where, rather than starting at a place of health, your systems are under constant attack. A periodic check-up isn’t good enough to monitor weakened defenses. It’s the same situation with networks. And it’s even more complex since networks now encompass virtual, cloud and mobile environments as well as on-premises systems. Traditional defensive technologies such as monthly scans, firewalls, antivirus packages and patching don't always prevent major attacks on network health. Organizations must adapt their defenses to the new technologies to keep networks safe and secure. For people, wearable health sensors promise a day when we can be in constant touch with our physiological health, but we are not there yet. Fortunately, we do have a solution for constantly monitoring the health of our network systems.

Read the full article at Innovation Insights

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