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"smbshell.nbin" Available

The Tenable Research Team has made available an pre-compiled NASL script (an .nbin file) which can be used from any Nessus 3 installation to interact with a remote windows host on top of port 139 or 445. This can be used to:

  • Navigate thru the remote SMB shares and download files or obtain their version number
  • Read/Enumerate the remote SMB registry
  • Query/Start/Stop/Pause remote services
  • Query information about the remote users / groups
  • Obtain an interactive shell (cmd.exe) on the remote host

The .nbin file requires Nessus 3 on UNIX or Windows. For more information and to download the tool, please visit here. The link also includes a quick flash demo and documentation on how to install use this plugin.

If you are not that familiar with .nbin files, Nessus 3 has the ability to use pre-compiled NASL scripts. This allows authors to write their checks for Nessus and not publish their algorithms. For example, if someone had a zero-day exploit they wished to code in NASL, they could do so and give out the .nbin without giving out the source code. There are several .nbin plugins in the Direct and Registered Nessus feeds.

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