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Simplifying Credentialed Vulnerability Assessments - Tenable and Thycotic

Note:  Nessus Cloud is now a part of Tenable.io Vulnerability Management. To learn more about this application and its latest capabilities, visit the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management web page.

Credentialed vulnerability assessments deliver the deepest analysis of targeted assets, networks and systems, providing highly detailed results. Without this access, unauthenticated assessments only scratch the surface. Unauthenticated scans reveal some issues – but these may or may not give you the entire picture of your security posture.

The challenge of credentialed scans

Maintaining privileged account credentials can be a challenge. It entails getting access to and navigating an ever-changing sea of usernames, passwords and privileges; storing the credentials in your vulnerability management solution just adds to the pain. Additionally, decentralized security policies add another potential attack vector.

Maintaining privileged account credentials can be a challenge

So how do you benefit from deep vulnerability assessments without the added burden of manual credentials management? The answer is simple: integration between your credentials management and vulnerability assessment solutions.

The Tenable and Thycotic solution

Together, Thycotic and Tenable enable you to easily perform credentialed scans

We are pleased to announce integration between Nessus® Cloud and Nessus Manager with Thycotic Secret Server. This integrated solution supports storage of privileged credentials in Thycotic Secret Server and their automatic retrieval at scan time by Nessus. By controlling sensitive passwords in a single, secure vault, customers don’t have to deal with the insecurity and hassles of password proliferation.

More information

Together, Thycotic and Tenable enable you to easily perform credentialed scans, collecting the most accurate vulnerability information without compromising accountability or control of privileged credentials. Integration between Tenable Nessus Cloud and Thycotic Secret Server makes managing credentialed scans easy and secure, ensuring that you’re delivering more accurate results and identifying threats and vulnerabilities sooner. For more details, read the Tenable and Thycotic Solutions Brief.

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