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Reward Companies for Sharing Security Information with Greater Insight

“The good guys are reluctant to share for market reputational risk, or for legal reasons, or they don’t want to be seen too close to government, so the bad guys are winning the battle,” said Paul Kurtz (@TruSTARtech), CEO of TruSTAR, in our conversation at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas. “The good guys continue to operate by themselves, or enterprise by enterprise. It’s not working. It’s not scaling nor will it scale until they start working together.”

While there is information being shared, it’s ad hoc and it’s often stale, added Kurtz. If you don’t know who you’re sharing the data with, you may sit on it for a long period of time.

The mounting numbers of breaches don’t seem to be enough to get people to share.

“You have to incentivize people to share. If you share something and that incident data is correlated and they get something back and they say, ‘Oh, there are three other companies experiencing the same pain as me’ and then they can go and collaborate with those companies,” suggested Kurtz, “that’s when we’ll really have something special. We can’t just share because we all want to be good guys … We still need to give them something back for taking the time for sharing the data with others.”

Kurtz notes that whenever we fought adversaries in the past, whether it’s cancer, polio, Al Qaeda, or even Nazi Germany, we combined forces to have a greater understanding of the enemy.

As soon as we break down the artificial barriers around information sharing, said Kurtz, we can do much better.