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Nessus HTML5 Interface Beta Available!

Until now, the Nessus interface has been using Flash, which has a number of advantages as a development platform, but also has a lot of drawbacks. One of the reasons we implemented a Flash interface for Nessus was that Flash "behaves the same on every browser" (which turns out is not always the case), and it was reasonably fast to run the client (it's now outperformed by the newest javascript engines). Flash also doesn't offer a good "mobile" user experience, if at all. So, it makes sense to use a standard-based technology, and we're moving to HTML5.

So we've released the HTML5 interface as a public beta -- the default Nessus interface will still be Flash for now, but if you connect to your scanner using a browser which doesn't have Flash installed, or if you go directly to the correct URL, you'll have the option to use the beta version of the HTML5 client.

The HTML5 beta interface is available immediately by accessing the URL https://localhost:8834/html5.html (where localhost is the IP address or domain name of your Nessus server). Simply make sure your Nessus plugins are up-to-date.

Once we're happy with the HTML5 client, we'll make it the default interface (tentatively mid-November), but you'll still have the option to use the Flash interface if you prefer. The goal for this first iteration of the HTML5 interface is to offer the same features as the Flash one, while structuring for the future. A lot of work has been done on the back-end to make the interface work quickly and smoothly on most platforms.

The HTML5 beta interface currently supports the following web browsers:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • IE 9
  • IE 10 (Due to a bug in Windows 8, you need to either disable TLSv1 in IE10 or use Nessus 5.0.2.)

Below is an overview of how the Nessus interface looks in HTML5:

Initiate Scans

Createnewscan sm

Click for larger image

Filter & Review Results

Scanresults sm

Click for larger image

Filter1 sm

Click for larger image

Result1 sm

Click for larger image

Create Policies

Policygeneral sm

Click for larger image

Policyplugins sm

Click for larger image

Feel free to use the new HTML5 beta interface and take it for a test drive! We would appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and comments which can be posted to the Nessus Discussions Forum in the "Nessus Feature Requests, Bug Reports" section.

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