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Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring

Are you ready to measure and demonstrate security effectiveness?

Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring ebook

Download and read author Steve Piper's concise, yet detailed new ebook, Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring, to learn:

  • Why there is a growing interest in continuous network monitoring
  • How continuous network monitoring works, and
  • What’s required to implement continuous network monitoring

Continuous network monitoring is an automated, holistic approach for evaluating your security state and activity. It lets you continuously measure, analyze, and visualize the health of your enterprise by:

  • Discovering all assets
  • Identifying all vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring networks in real time for threats
  • Gathering contextual analytics
  • Assessing compliance with frameworks and regulations
  • Providing assurance that mitigating controls are in place

The Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring will give you the foundational knowledge you need for building a continuous network monitoring program in your organization. You’ll learn why so many enterprises are abandoning periodic monitoring in favor of new methods for continuously identifying risks, mitigating threats, and ensuring regulatory compliance — from cloud to core.

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