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[R2] SecurityCenter 5.7.0 Fixes Multiple Vulnerabilities



SecurityCenter leverages third-party software to help provide underlying functionality. Two separate third-party components (PHP and jQuery) were found to contain vulnerabilities, and updated versions have been made available by the providers.

Out of caution and in line with good practice, Tenable opted to upgrade the bundled libraries to address the potential impact of these issues in SecurityCenter. SecurityCenter 5.7.0 updates PHP to version 7.1.15 and jQuery to version 3.3.1 to address the identified vulnerabilities. Please see the Additional References section below for related information and CVE ID's.

Several additional vulnerabilities have also been fixed in SecurityCenter 5.7.0:

1. In SecurityCenter versions prior to 5.7.0, a username enumeration issue could allow an unauthenticated attacker to automate the discovery of username aliases via brute force, ultimately facilitating unauthorized access. Server response output has been unified to correct this issue. (CVE-2018-1154)

2. In SecurityCenter versions prior to 5.7.0, a cross-site scripting (XSS) issue could allow an authenticated attacker to inject JavaScript code into an image filename parameter within the Reports feature area. Properly updated input validation techniques have been implemented to correct this issue. (CVE-2018-1155)


Tenable has released SecurityCenter 5.7.0 to address these issues. The installation files can be obtained from the Tenable Downloads Portal (https://www.tenable.com/downloads/securitycenter-3d-tool-and-xtool)

This page contains information regarding security vulnerabilities that may impact Tenable's products. This may include issues specific to our software, or due to the use of third-party libraries within our software. Tenable strongly encourages users to ensure that they upgrade or apply relevant patches in a timely manner.

Tenable takes product security very seriously. If you believe you have found a vulnerability in one of our products, we ask that you please work with us to quickly resolve it in order to protect customers. Tenable believes in responding quickly to such reports, maintaining communication with researchers, and providing a solution in short order.

For more details on submitting vulnerability information, please see our Vulnerability Reporting Guidelines page.

If you have questions or corrections about this advisory, please email [email protected]

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