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[R2] HP Intelligent Management Center (iMC) Platform /rptviewer/servlets/redirectviewer Multiple Remote Issues



During the process of writing a detection plugin for CVE-2016-4372 / HP c05200601, Tenable discovered an additional issue. CVE-2016-4372 describes the deserialization of Java objects associated with the Apache Commons Collections library leading to remote code execution. There are a few affected HP products, but our interest was in "HPE iMC PLAT before 7.2 E0403P04". We installed and tested "iMC PLAT 7.2 E0403P06" on a Windows 7 box to investigate further. Note that the PoC written for this advisory is Windows-centric (don't judge us). Additionally, to anyone who ever tries to install iMC in the future: the database has some very specific settings that have to be set, just 34 pages worth.

#1 HP Intelligent Management Center (iMC) Platform /rptviewer/servlets/redirectviewer readObject Call Handling Remote DoS (CVE-2016-8530)

During our investigation, we found that an unauthenticated user could reach a readObject call on a FileInputStream in RedirectServlet.java.

#2 HP Intelligent Management Center (iMC) Platform /rptviewer/servlets/redirectviewer parafile Parameter Path Traversal Remote File Access (CVE-2016-8525)

The caller also has control of the filename read into the FileInputStream via the parafile parameter. It was also neat that very little validation is done on what the user provides in parafile so we can use it to read any file via path traversal (e.g. “../”). Sadly, we were unable to find an unauthenticated way to upload a serialized object in a file, until we remembered that the iMC has anonymous TFTP enabled by default. Unfortunately, the rptviewer (which is where RedirectServlet.java lives) doesn’t have anything useful on the class path. However, we didn’t want this to go unnoticed and wrote a nice deserialization denial of service attack (dos_redirectViewer.py) that exploits the /rptviewer/servlets/redirectviewer endpoint.


HPE has releaesed HP Intelligent Management Center Platform 7.3 E0504 to address this issue. Please check the vendor advisory for more details, as this issue impacts a variety of implementations/products.

Disclosure Timeline

2016-08-05 - Issues discovered
2016-08-12 - Initial write-up
2016-08-12 - Reported to HP via [email protected]
2016-08-15 - Vendor acks mail, assigns PSRT110207
2016-09-20 - Ping vendor for status update
2016-09-21 - Vendor says still under investigation.
2016-10-04 - Vendor asks for more detail re: version tested
2016-10-04 - Tenable replies, pretty sure we have the info correct. Will re-test tomorrow and confirm.
2016-10-05 - Tenable sends PoCs, screenshots, version information as promised.
2016-10-27 - Vendor says team working on a fix, planned release end of November
2016-11-01 - Vendor says anticipating a delay, now scheduled 2017-01-15.
2017-01-18 - Vendor says hoping to get fix published next week
2017-01-27 - Vendor says advisory will go public on Monday
2017-01-30 - Vendor confirms advisory going live today
2017-01-30 - Vendor has technical difficulty, will get posted tomorrow
2017-01-31 - Vendor publishes advisory c05382418
2017-01-31 - Tenable asks vendor about a single CVE assignment for what appears to be two distinct issues
2017-02-01 - Vendor says they will evaluate.
2017-02-01 - Vendor assigns additional CVE

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For more details on submitting vulnerability information, please see our Vulnerability Reporting Guidelines page.

If you have questions or corrections about this advisory, please email [email protected]

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