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[R1] Oracle WebLogic Server weblogic.corba.utils.MarshallObject Java Deserialization Remote Code Execution



While testing a prior vulnerability (CVE-2016-0638) for writing a detection plugin, Tenable noticed that Oracle's class filter blacklist hadn't changed. Another WebLogic bypass object (weblogic.corba.utils.MarshallObject) had been published on GitHub. Tenable tested to see if that had been patched via the April 19, 2016 patches as well, and it appears that is not the case. As such, an unauthenticated attacker can still achieve remote code execution using a known blacklist bypass. Tenable generated an exploit that popped calc.exe against a patched WebLogic Server 12.1.3 as a demonstration and provided it to Oracle.


Oracle has released a patch for this issue as part of the July 19, 2016 CPU.

Disclosure Timeline

2016-04-21 - Issue discovered
2016-04-28 - Vendor informed via [email protected]
2016-05-02 - Oracle files security bug, tracked as S0730407
2016-05-24 - Oracle automated status sent: "Issue fixed in main codeline, scheduled for a future CPU"
2016-06-24 - Oracle automated status sent: "Issue fixed in main codeline, scheduled for a future CPU"
2016-07-15 - Oracle automated status sent: "fixed in the upcoming Critical Patch Update, due .. July 19, 2016."
2016-07-15 - Tenable asks for the CVE assignment for this issue.
2016-07-19 - Oracle releases July CPU fixing the issue.
2016-07-19 - Tenable asks for the CVE assignment for this issue, again.
2016-07-19 - Oracle provides CVE assignment
2016-07-20 - Tenable confirms this vulnerability is fixed

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