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Security Center 3D Tool 1.2

Version 1.2 of the 3D Tool is now available. This version is much faster then the previous version. It makes use of Security Center 3.2's ability to obtain data as a .csv spreadsheet. Those types of queries are much faster against Security Center 3.2 than the previous method with Security Center 3.0. A list of new features includes:

  • A legend has been added for color-coded datasets.
  • Pre-defined queries, setting a default query, and the ability to save query filters has been added.
  • Enhanced visual effects that include mirroring and camera animation for the 3D topology view.

To upgrade to version 1.2, the prior version 1.0, should be completely removed. Original data left over from 1.0 will not be available for version 1.2, as there have been some changes in the underlying data-store to increase stability and performance. Tenable customers should contact support to obtain download instructions for the 3D Tool.

Below are screen shots of the new "mirror effect" in the topology view and the latest vulnerabilities vs. IP address graphs:

3d12topology 3d12idip

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