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New "Geeking Out" Interview Series

In case you didn't know, I have been hosting a series of "Geeking Out..." interviews, with a couple of my friends in the industry. What I want to do with the series is conduct focused interviews with practitoners who are out there dealing with the tough problems in our field; I'll ask them what works and what doesn't and why, and we'll all get a chance to learn and have an interesting conversation.

The series is being done as a webinar and audio will be available after the webinar. Since it's a webinar, there's an opportunity for listeners to ask questions. We'll almost certainly never be able to answer all your questions on the air due to time constraints, so I'll occasionally do blog postings with some of your questions. I can't guarantee I'll answer every question.

The "Geeking Out..." series began with Ron Dilley, and will continue with a second session with Ron on April 3rd in which we'll be talking about detection algorithms and the problem of defining "normal" network activity. After that, I'll be interviewing on...

June 4 - Joel Yonts and geeking out with Joel about his malware response process, how he built his analysis team, what tools they use, and other related topics.

August 22 - Alex Hutton and I will do a session about metrics and measurements for security and talking about the infrastructure he's built for the bank where he works and what kind of actionable data he passes to whom, and why.

October 17 - Gary McGraw and I will geek out about the problem of measuring a topic that's still "squishy" for the last session in the series. Gary's the brains behind some innovative programs in software quality and security - a topic we might consider difficult to measure - and we'll be digging into that angle to see if there are any nuggets we can use for security practices as well.

My sincere apologies for managing to not attend my own webinar Feb. 19. I was calling in from a hotel in Germany and checked everything beforehand and it all looked OK - but when the time came to log into the webinar and give my moderator's PIN, the hotel's phone interpreted one of the PIN codes as the signal to hang up! So I was running around trying to get a direct connection, but it all took too long and Allan was able to step in for me and did a great job. I hope you can attend... I'm extremely enthusiastic about the program we'll be presenting!


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