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Nessus 4.4.1 Released

Tenable is pleased to announce the release of Nessus 4.4.1! This is a point release (moving from 4.4.0 to 4.4.1), containing several enhancements and minor bug fixes.


From a user perspective, there is a new feature that allows the SYN scanner to be selectively throttled. A new setting, nessus_syn_scanner.global_throughput.max can be added to the nessusd.conf file. The option sets the maximum number of packets per second that Nessus will send during a SYN port scan (regardless of how many hosts are scanned in parallel).

 In addition, several enhancements and bug fixes are included:

  • When qdb_mem_usage is set to "High" (default), if Nessus fails to allocate enough memory to store the plugins DB, it switches to the "low" usage mode, instead of aborting
  • The packet forgery subsystem is more scalable, which leads to faster network discovery (among other things)
  • Consistency in characters permitted between command line user management and Nessus Web GUI
  • MAC addresses now show up in .nessus v1 files
  • Report generation speed has been improved
  • Custom plugins handle the import() function better (they work now)
  • The Nessus "generic" Linux build is now statically linked
  • SuSE 11 now supported (32 and 64 bit platforms)
  • The Ubuntu 10.10 builds now contain their own version of OpenSSL (Ubuntu silently disabled support for SSLv2)
  • Fixed a Solaris "hang" issue happening during some scans
  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes to the SYN Port Scanner
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to several NASL functions, memory management (Linux, Win32) and Win32 robustness

New customers can download and evaluate Nessus for free by visiting the Nessus homepage. Current customers can also download the new version from the Tenable Support Center. Detailed instructions and notes on upgrading are located in the Nessus 4.4 Installation Guide. Also note that the Nessus 4.4. User Guide has been updated to describe new functionality. Please contact Tenable Support (support-at-tenable.com) with any questions regarding the upgrade to Nessus 4.4.1. You can also visit the Nessus Discussion portal for more information.

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