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Nessus 4.0.1 Released

Tenable Network Security has released version 4.0.1 of the Nessus vulnerability scanner. This point release includes a variety of minor bug fixes as well as support for additional authentication schemes. All customers are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of the Nessus Server and NessusClient. Below is a summary of some of the fixes and improvements:


  • Fixed memory & register leaks in NASL
  • nessus-fetch now supports Basic, Digest, and NTLM proxy authentication schemes
  • The timeout for NessusClient TCP socket was too low and has been increased
  • The 'nessus' cmd line tool would sometimes leave temporary files on the filesystem
  • Improved performance for reverse DNS lookups
  • Knowledge Base files would sometimes not be created for targets where the user specified a hostname
  • Pinging a remote host would sometimes fail if the ARP address of the gateway was not in the local cache


  • On some configurations registration would not complete
  • 'Manage users' would not change the users passwords
  • NessusClient would sometimes close a modified report without asking to save first
  • The Nessus server now runs on Windows 7. However, Windows 7 is not officially supported at this time. Features such as packet forgery are not yet functioning.

Mac OS X

  • In some cases Nessus would not work on Mac OS X 10.4
  • NessusClient would display the IP addresses of the target in reverse order on Mac OS X PPC


  • On Linux 64-bit versions, Nessus would generate error messages in dmesg

For more information about Nessus, please visit the product homepage. Existing customers can download the update from the customer support portal.

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