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Introducing the New Tenable Community

The new Tenable Community website is live. We have taken the Tenable Discussions forum site, and transformed it in both look and scope to become the new Tenable Community.

Discussions vs. Community

Community is broader than discussions

The Tenable Discussions forum website has been a valuable resource for Tenable and Tenable customers for years. The posts and threads that were there in the Tenable Discussions forum are still there on the Tenable Community site, and the discussions form the foundation of the community. Community is broader than discussions, though.

To understand the difference—or the reason for the change—let’s take a look at the definitions of the words “discussion” and “community”. 

  • dis·cus·sion: The act of talking about something with another person or a group of people; a conversation about something.
  • com·mu·ni·ty: A unified body of individuals; a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered throughout a larger society.

Discussions is more limited, and functions primarily as a support group for Tenable users and customers to ask questions and find answers from Tenable or from other users and customers. That is still an important element of the Tenable Community as well, but the Tenable Community will also be a place Tenable and Tenable customers can share tips and best practices, talk about upcoming events and activities, or discuss information security tools and practices in general.

Share tips and best practices, talk about upcoming events and activities, discuss information security tools and practices

We don’t want to just talk about Tenable products with another person or group of people. We want to offer a platform where people with common and professional interests in Tenable and information security can gather and interact as a unified body.

Tenable Community benefits

The more we all share and contribute, the more valuable the Tenable Community will be for all of us. The Tenable Community will provide a variety of unique benefits, including: 

  • Participate in discussion boards
  • Learn best practice tips and advice for using Tenable products, including Nessus, SecurityCenter and SecurityCenter Continuous View
  • Stay up-to-date about the latest Tenable news, products and updates
  • Find answers to your questions and share your knowledge with other community members
  • Report problems and request product enhancements
  • And much more

We will soon introduce a point system and levels to recognize the contributions of those who contribute the most to the Tenable Community—not just in volume, but in quality of posts and responses. The goal is to simultaneously reward or acknowledge those individuals, while also making it easier for someone new to the Tenable Community to identify members who have established a solid reputation and earned respect in the community.

Join the Tenable Community

We will continue to make small changes in the coming weeks, so pardon our dust as we work through this transition. Please email us at [email protected] to share your feedback about the new Tenable Community. Let us know if any part of the site seems confusing or isn’t working properly, and please share with us any ideas you have to improve the Tenable Community.

If you were already part of the Tenable Discussions website, your existing username and password will still work for the new Tenable Community. I invite everyone to check out the Tenable Community. Click here to take a look and let us know what you think: Tenable Community.

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