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Interview with Thomas Ptacek

Over the next few months, Tenable will be interviewing many different industry leaders in the information security field. Our first interview is now available. Our guest was Thomas Ptacek of Matasano Security.

Mr. Ptacek's background includes development of one of the first commercial vulnerability scanners, ground breaking research in network intrusion detection evasion as well as network anomaly and DDOS detection. His current company, Matasano Security, specializes in vulnerability assessments of products such as operating systems, network appliances and software applications. I got to ask Thomas Ptacek some questions regarding recent trends in network security including:

  • changes that vulnerability scanning technology has gone through since the late 90s
  • the impact of evasion in modern NIDS/IPS products
  • recent technical advances in the security of operating systems such as Vista
  • issues with Network Access Control deployment on enterprise networks

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Click on the link below to listen to the interview.

Download thomas-ptacek-interview-nov27-2006.mp3

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