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Cloud Computing Security

I was recently asked by Carpathia Hosting to contribute to an eBook being written by their CTO, Jon Greaves. The book is titled 'The Datacenter of the Future'. 

The initial chapter describes the evolution of security and privacy as we've progressed from issues such as the Morris worm of 1988 to today's "it's in the cloud" attitude. There are some very good insights in the chapter which explain how the past evolution of technology will influence the types of offerings ISPs and hosting companies will provide in the next decade.

My contribution was to answer specific questions on how cloud computing can impact your security posture, what sort of functions should/could be outsourced and how organizations can minimize their operating costs with virtual systems.

If you are struggling in your organization to raise security awareness in a mass rush to outsource key applications, you, your peers or your managers will benefit from reading the chapter.There is no charge and no sales pitch.

Chapter 1 was recently released in PDF format and at the DataCenter Journal. I've uploaded a PDF copy  (454KB) below for readers of this blog: 


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