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3D Tool Screenshots

Tenable has been working on a 3D Visualization tool that works with the Security Center. We're almost out of BETA testing with it and the screen shots are something pretty neat to look at.

Iviewcapture_date_18_07_2006_time_09_19_ Iviewcapture_date_18_07_2006_time_09_20_ Demo1ports

The tool allows anyone with an account on their organization's Security Center to present vulnerability and compliance data in a comparative manner. For example, one could display on a network topology where all the unpatched Windows IIS servers for two different political organizations were. This can make some stunning executive presentation moments.

In the above examples, we're showing network topology for two different very large (more than 10,000 node) networks. All routers are placed on the helical spiral, and all known hosts are linked off of their nearest router. The third image shows a comparative plot of IP addresses and open ports.

When I say comparative, this means that a user can do multiple queries to the Security Center for data and then visualize each set with the 3D Tool. For example, one could query for all vulnerability data about the "West Coast Data Center" email servers as well as data for the "East Coast Data Center" email servers. Both of these data sets can be analyzed at the same time to determine visually differences in topology, port/IP relationships and vulnerability/IP relationships. Because the query is being powered by the Security Center, the same query could be performed using any filter available including Nessus vulnerability families, specific port rages, discovery dates and much more.

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