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Relying on an Excel spreadsheet of vulnerabilities to understand your Cyber Risk?

That's just UnTenable
Welcome to the modern era of Cyber Exposure

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  • Tenable.io Lumin

    Introducing Tenable.io Lumin

    Advanced visualization, analytics and measurement.

    Your Cyber Exposure Command Center.

The World's First Cyber Exposure Platform

Live Discovery

Dynamically discover every modern asset across any digital computing environment (even the ones you didn't know about).

And as the elastic attack surface expands and contracts, you can keep pace with a live view of your assets.

Continuous Visibility

Automatically assess where each asset is secure - or exposed - and to what extent it is exposed.

Think of us as your "Google Maps" for live Cyber Exposure visibility.

Focus and Prioritize

Add context to the asset's exposure to prioritize remediation, along with selecting the appropriate remediation technique based on business criticality and severity. For example:

  • The asset's business use and value.
  • The asset's connectivity - and who is authorized to access it.
  • Whether the vulnerability is currently being exploited by the bad guys.

Strategic Insight

Translate raw security data into a common language for accurately representing and communicating cyber risk to the business - in business terms.

Create a metrics-driven program where Cyber Exposure is quantified and measured alongside every other business exposure.

As the creator of Nessus, we've spent years deeply understanding assets, networks and vulnerabilities. We continually build this expertise and knowledge into our technology, so when we get smarter, you get smarter.

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"Tenable has helped us build a flexible, streamlined security program that reduces our attack surface."

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"Well worth your time. This is a company with solid experience in the technology - and it shows."

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"Tenable has as much brand equity as a company could have with Nessus, yet it strives to be one of the most forward-thinking companies in the [vulnerability management] space."

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