Tenable maintains a list of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and their affected products. Tenable augments the data to include related Tenable Plugins that detect each vulnerability. 118781 CVEs are indexed from NVD.


  • imcat 4.5 has Stored XSS via the root/run/adm.php fm[instop][note] parameter.

  • admin/default.php in PHPMyWind v5.5 has XSS via an HTTP Host header.

  • In CmsEasy 7.0, there is XSS via the ckplayer.php autoplay parameter.

  • JTBC(PHP) allows Arbitrary File Upload via the console/#/console/file/manage.php?type=list URI, as demonstrated by a .php file.

  • In CmsEasy 7.0, there is XSS via the ckplayer.php url parameter.

  • ZoneMinder before 1.32.3 has SQL Injection via the ajax/status.php filter[Query][terms][0][cnj] parameter.

  • ZoneMinder before 1.32.3 has SQL Injection via the skins/classic/views/control.php groupSql parameter, as demonstrated by a newGroup[MonitorIds][] value.

  • daemonControl in includes/functions.php in ZoneMinder before 1.32.3 allows command injection via shell metacharacters.

  • skins/classic/views/controlcap.php in ZoneMinder before 1.32.3 has XSS via the newControl array, as demonstrated by the newControl[MinTiltRange] parameter.

  • includes/database.php in ZoneMinder before 1.32.3 has XSS in the construction of SQL-ERR messages.

  • An issue was discovered in Joomla! before 3.9.3. The phar:// stream wrapper can be used for objection injection attacks because there is no protection mechanism (such as the TYPO3 PHAR stream wrapper) to prevent use of the phar:// handler for non .phar-files.

  • An Invalid Address dereference was discovered in TIFFWriteDirectoryTagTransferfunction in libtiff/tif_dirwrite.c in LibTIFF 4.0.10, affecting the cpSeparateBufToContigBuf function in tiffcp.c. Remote attackers could leverage this vulnerability to cause a denial-of-service via a crafted tiff file. This is different from CVE-2018-12900.

  • Atlassian Confluence Server and Data Center before version 6.13.1 allows an authenticated user to download a deleted page via the word export feature.

  • In LibTIFF 4.0.9, there is a NULL pointer dereference in the TIFFWriteDirectorySec function in tif_dirwrite.c that will lead to a denial of service attack, as demonstrated by tiffset.

  • A NULL pointer dereference in the function _TIFFmemcmp at tif_unix.c (called from TIFFWriteDirectoryTagTransferfunction) in LibTIFF 4.0.9 allows an attacker to cause a denial-of-service through a crafted tiff file. This vulnerability can be triggered by the executable tiffcp.

  • On BIG-IP 14.0.0-, 13.0.0-, or 12.1.0-, malicious requests made to virtual servers with an HTTP profile can cause the TMM to restart. The issue is exposed with the non-default "normalize URI" configuration options used in iRules and/or BIG-IP LTM policies.

  • In ImageMagick before 7.0.8-25 and GraphicsMagick through 1.3.31, several memory leaks exist in WritePDFImage in coders/pdf.c.

  • Amazon Fire OS before allows a man-in-the-middle attack against HTTP requests for "Terms of Use" and Privacy pages.

  • An earlier fix for an Inter-process Communication (IPC) vulnerability, CVE-2011-3079, added authentication to communication between IPC endpoints and server parents during IPC process creation. This authentication is insufficient for channels created after the IPC process is started, leading to the authentication not being correctly applied to later channels. This could allow for a sandbox escape through IPC channels due to lack of message validation in the listener process. This vulnerability affects Thunderbird < 60.5, Firefox ESR < 60.5, and Firefox < 65.

  • Mozilla developers and community members reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox 64 and Firefox ESR 60.4. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort that some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code. This vulnerability affects Thunderbird < 60.5, Firefox ESR < 60.5, and Firefox < 65.