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While organizations build increasingly complex business applications, vulnerabilities in those applications continue to plague the security team tasked with identifying and addressing security risks. You could simply add another security solution to your portfolio - one that may not have full coverage for your modern applications - thus adding to the complexity and sprawl you manage. Or you could take a different approach.

Part of the Tenable.io platform, Tenable.io Web Application Scanning delivers safe and automated vulnerability scanning that covers your entire online portfolio. By bringing comprehensive and accurate web application scanning into a broader vulnerability management solution, you can see and manage your security exposure across all types of assets and fully protect your organization.

Understand Your Web Applications

Tenable.io Web Application Scanning allows you to understand the sitemap and layout of your web applications so you can see and assess your web applications globally.

Scan Web Applications Safely

Define parts of critical web applications that are safe to scan, and define other parts that should never be scanned, in order to prevent performance latency and disruptions.

Improve Visibility With Highly Accurate Scanning

Gain confidence that vulnerability reports are accurate to avoid wasting your and your colleagues’ time. Tenable.io Web Application Scanning provides superior accuracy with minimal false positives and negatives.

Automate to Reduce Your Manual Work

Highly automated web application scanning allows you to increase visibility with ease.

Include Coverage of HTML5 and AJAX Web Applications

Scan your HTML5 and AJAX web applications, along with traditional HTML apps. The product provides broad coverage to help you get the job done and avoid blind spots.

Integrate With the Broader VM Solution

Tenable.io Web Application Scanning is a modular and independent element of Tenable.io, a cloud-based vulnerability management platform built for today’s dynamic computing assets.

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