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PVS 4.2.1 FAQ

Tenable is pleased announce the latest version of Passive Vulnerability Scanner™ (PVS™), the global standard for passive vulnerability scanning. PVS 4.2.1 enables you to eliminate blind spots by quickly identifying and prioritizing network security issues and isolating causal factors. Additional information about PVS 4.2.1 can be found below:

When will PVS 4.2.1 be available to customers?

PVS 4.2.1 is available now.

Where can I download PVS 4.2.1?

Customers can download installation packages from the Tenable Support Portal.

Where can I purchase PVS 4.2.1?

New customers can purchase PVS from a Tenable and partner sales representative or directly from the Tenable Online Store.

How do I upgrade from previous PVS versions?

Instructions for upgrading PVS from previous versions on all platforms are available in the Passive Vulnerability Scanner 4.2 User Guide, which can be downloaded from the Support Portal.

What new features are included in PVS 4.2.1?

  • 10 Gbps network support for software-based installations: Many enterprises are implementing 10 Gbps networks within their datacenters, between remote offices and for Internet connections. PVS 10 Gbps is now available in software to allow customers to broaden the PVS footprint and monitor these faster networks. Note: PVS 10 Gbps is a new PVS product and must be purchased separately from the standard PVS 1 Gbps product. PVS 10 Gbps can be installed on bare-metal RHEL 6 systems or in VMware ESX/ESXi 5.5 virtual environments.
  • ERSPAN support: ERSPAN support provides a third PVS connection option to customers who may not have a TAP or SPAN port available on their network devices to provide a PVS connection. PVS’ ERSPAN support is compatible with Cisco ERSPAN Type II and with VMware Transparent Ethernet Bridging.
  • Red Hat 7 support: Standard mode PVS (non-10 Gbps) is supported on RHEL 7.

What platforms is PVS 4.2.1 available for?

Platform support is described in the Tenable General Requirements document, which can be downloaded from the Support Portal.

What are the hardware requirements for PVS 4.2.1?

Hardware requirements for PVS 4.2.1 are described in the Tenable General Requirements document, which can be downloaded from the Support Portal. Please note that support requirements are different for PVS 1 Gbps performance and for PVS 10 Gbps performance.

Does the same software download support both PVS 1 Gbps and PVS 10 Gbps?

Yes, there is only one software package. By default the software supports 1 Gbps performance. Customers whom have purchased PVS 10 Gbps will receive an activation code that enables 10 Gbps performance.

What versions of SecurityCenter CV are compatible with PVS 4.2.1?

SecurityCenter 4.8.2 and above, including 5.x.

Is there an additional cost to upgrade to PVS 4.2.1?

There is no additional cost for subscription customers and perpetual license customers under maintenance when they upgrade at the same performance level. Customers with PVS 1 Gbps can upgrade to PVS 10 Gbps at additional cost. Please contact your sales representative for details.

How can I get PVS support for 10 Gbps networks?

Please contact your sales representative.