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New in Nessus 6.5

What’s New in Nessus 6.5

Like every new release of Nessus, Nessus 6.5 has many new capabilities designed to help you reduce the attack surface in your IT environment. Highlights of this release include new scanning options in the form of agents as well as new cloud scanning options. Also new in 6.5 are additional filters for searching scan results to help you prioritize your remediation workflow. Watch this short video to learn more.

Expanded Nessus Agent OS Support

Nessus Agents, first introduced with Nessus 6.3 are instrumental for enabling organizations to include hard-to-scan assets in their vulnerability management program. With this release, Tenable has expanded the operating system coverage of Nessus Agents to include:

  • Amazon Linux
  • Debian Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux

New Microsoft Azure Configuration Audit

A new configuration audit policy for Microsoft Azure protects you against misconfiguration issues. This new ability to do configuration audits in the Microsoft Azure cloud reduces misconfiguration risk by ensuring that systems, networks, and accounts are correctly configured and not potential entry points for attackers.

New Nessus Cloud Scanner Pools

Nessus Cloud now offers scanners in multiple locations around the world. For the fastest scanning results, it's advantageous to scan IT assets with scanners that are as physically close as possible to those assets.


Changelog - 6.5.6

New Features

  • New scanning template for the DROWN vulnerability

Bug Fixes

  • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1s

Changelog - 6.5.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cross-site scripting errors in the Nessus UI (see Tenable Product Security Advisory TNS-2016-02)

Changelog - 6.5.4

New Features, Improvements, Platform Support

  • Add support for Nessus and Nessus Agents on El Capitan

Bug Fixes

  • Address issues with IPv6 scanning on Windows and FreeBSD 102
  • Fixed issue with adding Kerberos authentication introduced in Nessus 6.5.3
  • Correctly handle scan results for usernames containing “+” characters
  • Fixed issue with display of agent results for some groups

Changelog - 6.5.3

Bug Fixes

  • SC attempts to manage Nessus Manager instances connected for agent scans imports
  • DNS resolution may fail on OS X due to inadequate timeouts
  • Attempts to allocate large blocks of memory can cause the nessusd daemon to terminate
  • Unable to enable SSL for IBM Tivoli connections

Changelog - 6.5.2

Bug Fixes

  • Scanners running on Windows may not scan IPv6 targets

Changelog - 6.5.1

Bug Fixes

  • User with "can control" permission could cause shared scans to not execute by placing them in Trash.
  • Checking Nessus daemon status on Linux broken in 6.5
  • DNS lookup errors in Nessus 6.5.0 installs on Windows can prevent activation or updates
  • Mobile interface not being displayed on mobile devices

Changelog - 6.5.0

New Features, Improvements, Platform Support

  • Agents for Ubuntu, Amazon Linux, and Debian
  • Two-factor Support in Nessus Cloud via SMS and email
  • Application Black and White Listing for Airwatch and MobileIron MDM
  • SSO for Nessus Cloud via SAML
  • Allow Nessus Cloud users to reset password from Nessus Cloud
  • Cloud Services Audit - Microsoft Azure Configuration Assessments
  • Apple Profile Manager MDM audit
  • Allow managed scanners to be linked with Nessus Cloud/Manager via command line
  • Excluded aborted/failed scans from trends
  • Add Trend Indicators to Scan Dashboards
  • Add "type" parameter to GET /scans to distinguish between agent and active scans
  • Log job name and UUID when writing scan progress logs in nessusd.messages
  • Display scan stop/start times with timezone setting of manager instead of remote scanner.
  • Brute Force: Only use credentials provided by the user added to Credentialed Patch Audit template
  • Notify user of failure if Windows Agent fails to link during install
  • Add auto update frequency option to "Software Update" in settings
  • On-demand scans default to not launching after being created

Bug Fixes

  • In Nessus 6.4.2 and 6.4.3, Agent scans opened before scan completion could hang in Remediation query
  • Plugin archives with sizes aligned to a specific byte boundary would fail to decompress
  • Corrections to UI text
  • Reduced CPU utilization for some platform configurations
  • Updated API documentation
  • Fixed error when linking to Nessus Cloud via a proxy
  • Unable to delete a large number of Historical Scan data results in certain circumstances
  • Nessus was generating an incorrect date for email.
  • Fixed problem with policy import in SC scans taking a long time, showing up in SC as “Resolving hostnames”
  • Nessus status not displayed correctly in preference pane on OS X when upgraded from a version prior to 6.4
  • Specifying a username of "admin" in Palo Alto credentials interfered with SSH keys
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