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Nessus Network Monitor provides continuous visibility into the systems and services running on your networks, for unmatched asset insight. From legacy assets to the latest technologies, and from IT to OT, it illuminates blind spots so you can see and protect your entire environment. Nessus Network Monitor offers enhanced OT support – including asset discovery and protocol detection – for passively monitoring industrial control systems (ICS), SCADA systems, and other operational technology. This gives security teams a safe and non-intrusive way to discover and monitor sensitive critical infrastructure systems. Nessus Network Monitor also detects new and unmanaged assets – spanning operating systems, network devices, hypervisors, databases, mobile devices, web servers, cloud applications, IoT devices, critical infrastructure such as ICS / SCADA, and more.

The product’s patented network discovery and vulnerability analysis technology delivers continuous monitoring and profiling non-intrusively. It monitors IPv4, IPv6, and mixed network traffic at the packet layer to determine topology, services and vulnerabilities. Nessus Network Monitor serves as an integrated component of both Tenable.io and Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View, enabling full visibility into traditional and modern assets.

More Information:

Upon purchase of the Nessus Network Monitor, you will receive an activation email containing a URL which provides access to Tenable's Support Portal. You must access the Support Portal to get to the Nessus Network Monitor Activation Code which is used to register your scanner. With a valid Activation Code, your Nessus Network Monitor will obtain the latest vulnerability checks when performing a plugin update. Your subscription lasts for 1 year. The Activation Code cannot be shared between scanners.

Once the Activation Code has been registered, it cannot be returned. Product cannot be returned after 30 days from purchase date. If you return the product prior to registration within 30 days, there will be a transaction fee. Please contact us at [email protected] to determine the fee.

Scanners can be deployed to customer sites, with traveling consultants, or as dedicated servers within your network.

SecurityCenter Continuous View™ (SecurityCenter CV™) provides a complete enterprise solution including Nessus Network Monitor, Nessus, and log correlation combined with a centralized management platform that includes trending, analytics, audits, and reports. For more information on SecurityCenter CV, call 410-872-0555 or email [email protected].

To view the latest vulnerability checks, please visit http://www.tenable.com/pvs-plugins.

For more information, please visit this product's web page.

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