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Welcome to the Tenable media room. Read our latest announcements and media coverage, find global contact information and download our media kit below.

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Press Releases

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Columbia, MD
April 6, 2021

Tenable and HCL BigFix Leverage Risk-Based Insights to Speed Vulnerability Remediation Workflows with Strategic Partnership

Columbia, MD
March 30, 2021

Tenable Named a Finalist for Two 2021 SC Awards

Columbia, MD
March 26, 2021

Tenable Becomes First Vulnerability Management Vendor to Partner with the Retail & Hospitality ISAC

Sydney, Australia
March 23, 2021

The University of Queensland Selects Tenable to Secure World-Leading IP

Columbia, MD
February 24, 2021

Tenable Named to CRN’s 2021 Security 100 List

Columbia, MD
February 23, 2021

Tenable Launches Exposure Platform for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management of Dynamic Assets


Mass Consolidation Turns Food, Energy Firms Into Hacking Targets

Amit Yoran comments on the surge in ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure operators.

Marty Edwards discusses critical infrastructure security with TickerTV Australia

TickerTV Australia
Marty Edwards discusses the reasons critical infrastructure is a valuable target for cybercriminals following the cyberattack on one of the world's largest meat production facilities.

NSW to establish cyber hub under new strategy

The Mandarin
Scott McKinnel provides his thoughts on the new NSW cyber strategy.

Crypto fraudsters used Elon Musk's SNL appearance 'to fleece people of up to $10million in new Twitter scam'

Daily Mail
Satnam Narang looks at the crypto scams following Elon Musk's appearance on Saturday Night Live.

A reflection of technology past and hopes for 2070

Dataquest India
Gary Jackson reflects on various technologies used in the past 50 years and his hopes for the future.

Tenable Research Finds Scammers Made Over $10 Million with Fake Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scams

Satnam Narang shared his research into cryptocurrency scams in the lead up to SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Light.

Parting Shots (Q1 2020 Issue)

Infosecurity Magazine
Looking back at historic cyber events, Gavin Millard shares his LoveBug memories.

Cloud tops the menu in 2020, with helpings of HCI, security and 5G

David Cummins shares his 2020 prediction of security technologies designed specifically for Cloud environments to make migration secure.

WEF Fears Cyber-Threats and Digital Fragmentation

Infosecurity Magazine
Renaud Deraison told Infosecurity Magazine that it’s not just about stopping bad actors from damaging mission-critical services, but preventing them getting a foothold to cause harm.

Global Risks Report: Junk Products Raising Risk of Infrastructure Attacks

Computer Business Review
Renaud Deraison told Computer Business Review that this year’s WEF Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS) "resonates with my own concerns that a serious cyberattack against critical infrastructure is imminent."


The Independent
Amit Yoran says it is exceptionally rare if not unprecedented for the U.S. government to share its discovery of such a critical vulnerability with a company.

National Security Agency finds 'extraordinarily serious security vulnerability' in Microsoft's Windows 10 that could affect 900 million users - and tells tech giant rather than weaponizing the flaw

Daily Mail
Amit Yoran urges all organizations to prioritize patching their systems quickly.

IE under fire, Triton goes under the microscope, and Norsk Hydro reeling from ransomware attack

The Register
Tenable Research discovery in Verizon routers included in weekly roundup.

US Government Warns of New North Korean Malware

Infosecurity Magazine
Satnam Narang explains that DHS and FBI reports of Hidden Cobra provide intelligence to thwart attacks.

Verizon issues patch for bug affecting millions of routers that gives hackers complete control over the device

Daily Mail
Tenable Research discovered vulnerabilities in Verizon's Fios Quantum Gateway Routers.

Critical infrastructure under relentless cyber attack

Computer Weekly
Ponemon study highlights the extent of cyber threats to organizations reliant on OT.

Cyber-attacks 'damage' national infrastructure

BBC News
Eitan Goldstein tells BBC that the proliferation of smart devices, sensors and IoT is increasing our Cyber Exposure gap.

Cyber Saturday—Tenable IPO, Facebook Crash, Google Security Keys

Tenable's IPO is featured in Fortune's Cyber Saturday newsletter.

Hopes rise Trump will modernize feds' technology

The Hill
Amit tells The Hill that IT modernization is key to helping the government understand and reduce cyber risk.

Trump's cybersecurity order: Out with 'antiquated systems'

Amit Yoran explains why IT modernization is a key part of the President's cyber executive order.

How hackers are trying to cast their ballots for president this election season

In an interview with CNBC, Cris Thomas discusses voting system security and the importance in continuing the conversation after the votes are tallied in this year's presidential election.

SWIFT security controls to be mandatory by 2018

Dick Bussiere weighs in on the effectiveness of SWIFT's newly announced security policy which will mandate baseline controls for banking partners.

Government guidance is helping CISOs impose controls on DevOps' cloud flexibility

CSO Australia
Jack Huffard discusses how DevOps has introduced "amazing" capabilities, but warns readers of CSO Australia to ensure security is baked into their cloud environments.

Cyber-Warfare: Securing our Nation’s Defense

Federal News Radio
Matt Alderman joins several federal security experts on a panel, hosted by Federal News Radio to discuss critical factors affecting the government's cybersecurity.

Microsoft fixes four critical bugs on lighter Patch Tuesday

Computer Weekly
Satnam Narang warns that attackers are still looking to exploit Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities.

World Password Day: What to consider when it comes to authentication

Information Age
David Cummins calls for additional authentication methods to be implemented, given they are a simple but powerful solution, to strengthen virtual locks.

Achat d’Alsid par Tenable : une opération motivée par la nature critique d’Active Directory

Renaud Deraison and Emmanuel Gras talk about the combination of Tenable and Alsid.

How to empower your chief information security officer (CISO)

Information Age
Adam Palmer advises CISOs to take a risk-based approach and explain this in the boardroom in the same business terms other functions use and understand.

Hackers exploit Pulse Secure VPN flaws in sophisticated global campaign

IT Pro
Scott Caveza confirms that, alongside the new flaw, attackers were leveraging vulnerabilities previously patched in 2019.

How healthcare organisations can protect themselves from increasing cyberattacks

Business IT
Scott McKinnel discusses how healthcare organisations can secure their infrastructure.

Vulnerability Values Fluctuate Between White, Grey and Black Hats

Infosecurity Magazine
Oliver Rochford tells Infosecurity Magazine how criminals monetize their efforts and advises companies to harden their attack surface.

Tenable declares there are far worse security threats to fear than zero-day exploits

IT Pro
Gavin Millard and Oliver Rochford offer an overview of cybersecurity - including the vulnerabilities to fear, and they're not 0-days.

Professional cyber criminals command $75k per annum

Computer Weekly
Oliver Rochford looks at the economics of cybercrime.

Microsoft October Update Patches Nine Critical Vulnerabilities

Infosecurity Magazine
Satnam Narang offers more detail on the Remote Desktop and Win32K flaw attack paths.

Enterprise ransomware threat shines spotlight on poor patch management

SC Magazine
Gavin Millard offers his advice to organizations who find themselves victim to ransomware.

NOT APPY ‘Free TikTok fans’ scams lure kids into downloading dodgy apps and handing over their info

The Sun
Satnam Narang's recent TikTok research follows the rise of spam accounts on the platform.

Third-party attacks expose 12 million health care records

Analysis of healthcare data breaches in 2020 from Tenable's Security Response Team.

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: International Women’s Day

Silicon UK
Jennifer Cox talks about her career and working in the cybersecurity sector.

More than 30,000 entities compromised through Microsoft’s Exchange flaws

The National
Satnam Narang warns about the ongoing risk posed from vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Exchange Server.

Microsoft Issues Critical Update Warning As Chinese Hackers Attack Exchange Servers

Satnam Narang warned that, while Microsoft said that HAFNIUM targets entities in the US, different threat actors were seen targeting other regions.

Emergency patch addresses MS Exchange Server zero-days

Computer Weekly
Given the out-of-bands patch, Satnam Narang urged organisations that use Exchange server to apply patches immediately.

Is it time to ban ransomware insurance payments?

Computer Weekly
Instead of paying ransoms, Adam Palmer argues for organizations to avoid becoming a victim in the first place.

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