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Vista Configuration Auditing

Tenable's research group has released a set of seven audit policies for the Vista operating system. These polices are based directly off of Microsoft's Windows Vista Security Guide. This blog entry discusses how to obtain these audit policies and how to perform an audit of a Vista  computer system.

Obtaining These Plugins

Security Center or Direct Feed users should log into the Tenable Support Center and then click on "Downloads", then "Download Configuration Audit Policies" and then select any of the following "MS Vista" policies:

  • Windows Vista Default Security
  • Windows Vista EC Desktop
  • Windows Vista EC Domain
  • Windows Vista EC Laptop
  • Windows Vista SSLF Desktop
  • Windows Vista SSLF Domain
  • Windows Vista SSLF Laptop

The terms EC and SSLF refer to "Enterprise Client" and "Specialized Security Limited Functionality". EC computers are expected to participate in a domain and SSLF computers are for very secure "stand-alone" functions.

Tenable customers who do not have access to the Support Center should email [email protected] to obtain a login.

Using These Vista Audit Files

Nessus 3 users should save these audit policies to their laptop or computer from which they are running their Nessus client. Once saved, the audit policies can be used as part of a vulnerability or scan policy.

Security Center users should save these audit polices to the /opt/sc3/admin/nasl directory as user/group owners of 'tns'. Once saved, these audit policies will be available to be included within any existing or new Vulnerability Policy.

Scanning Vista Systems

To perform credentialed scans of Vista servers, please keep the following items in mind:

  • Port 445 is blocked by default on many versions of Vista. Modifying this rule in the local firewall policy is required.
  • The Remote Registry Service must be enabled.
  • The username and password used should be for the "Builtin Administrator" and not a new user that has been added to the Administrator's group.

Below are images of which firewall rules and services are required to be enabled to perform remote credentialed scans of a Vista system:

Enabling Remote
Registry Access
Enabling File

For More Information

Tenable has produced several different webinars and blog entires regarding performing audits of Windows operating systems:

Readers interested in obtained a Direct Feed subscription or try the Security Center should visit Tenable's web site.