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Tenable Network Security Podcast Episode 171 - "Nessus Targeted Email Reports, Outstanding Patch Reports"

Welcome to the Tenable Network Security Podcast Episode 171


Discussion & Highlighted Plugins

New Nessus Feature: Email Notifications

  • Targeted Email Notifications and Monitoring - This handy new feature allows you to configure email recipients for individual Nessus scans. What problems does this new feature help solve? How should people receive the reports? What type of report is sent via email? What are some sample use cases for this feature?

Nessus Plugin Highlight: Adobe Reader Enabled in Your Web Browser

  • Plugins were released this week to detect Adobe Reader being enabled in all major web browsers. If this feature is enabled, an attacker can more easily compromise end-user systems. All the user needs to do is click a link, and an exploit for Adobe Reader could be launched. If the browser PDF plugins are disabled, the user must download the PDF, and then open it with a separate program. How do you balance security and usability with respects to this feature?

SecurityCenter Dashboards & Reports: Outstanding Remediations Tracking

  • A new SecurityCenter dashboard and report helps you identify patches across your environment that aren't being applied. It uses the new patch reporting feature, which consolidates the outstanding patches. How do patches either not get applied to systems or "fall off" systems? How often do you recommend folks scan their systems for missing patches?

PVS Plugin Highlight: Cisco Device Web Configuration Detection

  • Cisco Device Web Configuration Detection - Jack brought up a great point on the last webcast pointing out that vulnerabilities in your own critical infrastructure aren't always complicated memory-based exploits. Sometimes the web management interface contains vulnerabilities, giving attackers control of network infrastructure or virtualization platforms. Why do these vulnerabilities often go ignored? What's the likelihood of exploitation?

New & Notable Plugins


Passive Vulnerability Scanner

SecurityCenter Dashboards and Report Templates

Security News Stories

  1. Alert-driven vs Exploration-driven Security Analysis
  2. PayPal denies teenager reward for finding website bug
  3. US weapons system designs were reportedly viewed by Chinese hackers
  4. Aha, I see you switched on your mobile Wi-Fi. YOU FOOL!
  5. Security boffins say music could trigger mobile malware
  6. Saved-game bug dumped PlayStation 3 fans in hijackers' sights
  7. US power grid the target of 'numerous and daily' cyber-attacks | The Register
  8. PayPal vulnerable to cross-site scripting again

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