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Tenable Network Security Podcast - Episode 15

Welcome to the Tenable Network Security Podcast - Episode 15


  • Nessus 4.2 is released! - The release is going really well, and feedback has been positive. Renaud will join us for this episode to fill us in on some more of the details.
  • A new blog post has been released titled, "Movable Type mt-check.cgi Information Disclosure" and covers a pretty serious remote information disclosure vulnerability in Movable Type.
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Renaud Deraison, creator of the Nessus vulnerability scanner, joins us to talk about the changes in Nessus 4.2.


  • RFIDIOt 1.0a Released - RFID technologies are in wide spread use in many different organizations and for many different applications. Everything from inventory control to physical security access (hotels mostly) utilize RFID. The question I always like to ask is, if someone were to attack your organization using RFID technology, how would you detect it? For example, new functionality has been added to RFIDIOt to clone popular cards used for access control. This is extremely difficult to detect. You could, and should, monitor the logs from your physical access controls and correlate them with your other logs. For example, if someone were to gain access to a room, and then login to a system you can begin to paint a picture of whose accessing information and if it is authorized or not.
  • SHODAN - The Internet Vulnerability Index - Shodan is a service that sans the Internet, for example polling systems for HTTP headers, and stores the results in a database. The database is made searchable for all to use. This means that you can find and exploit, then easily find vulnerable systems. Kind of a scary concept, surprised we have not seen this sooner.
  • TSA Guideline Leaked - Its interesting that TSA has the same problems most organizations do, in that there are published guidelines and inconsistencies on how people execute them. For example, there is confusion on whether or not TSA can detain you for certain reasons. Also, the guidelines state that taking pictures at TSA checkpoints in some capacity is okay, when in practice it may not be. Whether or not all this makes our airports safer is debatable, but consistency speaks towards efficiency and success.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server / Attachment Service PDF Distiller Unspecified Vulnerabilities (KB19860) - This Nessus plugin remotely checks for the vulnerability in your Blackberry server. This is a scary attack because an attacker who can compromise the Blackberry server can potentially control and run code on all Blackberry devices. These devices then get plugged into workstations, so the possibilities are endless.

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