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New Passive Vulnerability Scanner Plugin families

Tenable has added two new plugin families for the Passive Vulnerability Scanner. Previously, all of the Corporate Policy plugins belonged to the plugin family of "Policy". However, with plugin updates occurring today, they will now be in one of the following families:

  • Abuse - Detection of pornographic activity being downloaded or served on a host.
  • Data Leakage - Detection of Credit Cards, SSNs, wire transfers, HIPAA content and other types of sensitive data.
  • Policy - Use of services such as YouTube, FaceBook, Gmail and so on.

In addition the following PVS plugins are also now included in the Data Leakage family:

  • 3822 Office files .xls detection
  • 3823 Office files .doc detection
  • 3824 Office files .ppt detection
  • 3825 Office files .csv detection
  • 3826 Office files .rtf detection
  • 3870 Detection of .xls file attachment in an email
  • 3871 Detection of .zip file attachment
  • 3940 Detection of .pst file attachment in an email
  • 3941 Office files .pst detection
  • 3943 Detection of .ost file attachment in an email
  • 3944 Office files .ost detection
  • 3946 Office files .uni detection
  • 3963 Office files .pdf detection

Below is an example screen shot of PVS Data Leakage plugin detection as viewed under the Security Center:


For More Information

All PVS plugin families and descriptions are available in the following PDF document which is updated daily. In addition, new PVS plugin information is available in this RSS feed.

Tenable has also previously blogged about using the PVS to detect sensitive data leakage and corporate network abuse.