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Blog Tagged

There have been several security bloggers "tagging" each other this new year and recently I got tagged. Normally, I try to keep this blog fairly technical and product centric. Since I don't have a personal blog and I don't want to be rude, I'm posting "5 things about Ron Gula" most folks may or may not know here and tagging 5 other folks who have not been tagged yet. We'll follow this post up with a technical one right away.

Five facts on Ron Gula you might not know

1. I originally went into the Air Force to be a pilot, but didn't do that well in flight school, had issues with G forces and eventually went back purely into computers. The experience really helped me focus much later on how important it is to know your audience and give them the right data at the right time. Experiences describing information security issues to the "war fighter" helped me prepare for building security products which were relevant to small and large enterprise customers.

2. I work with my wife, Cyndi Gula, voluntarily. A lot of folks who find this out seem to be quite surprised by this fact. This is the second company we've worked on together, the first being Network Security Wizards which did the Dragon IDS. Cyndi runs the internal operations for Tenable.

3. I'm also the CEO for Tenable Network Security. Most of the time, I use the CTO title, which tends to get more attention and less requirements for wearing a suit or a tie.

4. I like to run almost as much as I enjoy a good cigar. Fortunately for my lungs, I tend to run more than lite up a Macanudo.

5. I still feel very positive about my experience at Enterasys with Dragon. There were many people that benefited (and still do) from working with Dragon. This included a lot of technical, marketing and sales folks who went on to form new companies and new careers in the security space. This also includes a lot of customers who are still running Dragon today. I recently had the chance to do some incident response for a customer who had deployed Tenable products all over the world. In their SOC was also Dragon.

Five blog pings for people I respect

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