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A big red 'X'

I was recently forwarded a link to a BBC video which demonstrates how a user on a wireless network can attack another user and break into their system.

In the video, the attacker uses Nessus and Metasploit to identify some security issues in the remote computer, and then break into it. My favorite line is when the analyst points to the "big red X" in the Nessus report and says that "here is a problem". If only it were this simple when managing 1000s of computers or more in a large enterprise.

I would have rather seen them speak about how monitoring an unsecured wireless network can passively reveal passwords, user information, vulnerabilities and so on. Overall, this sort of news isn't really news to the readers of this blog or users of Nessus. I am thrilled that this BBC coverage will raise awareness to European technical business managers who aren't exposed to vulnerability scanners, penetration testers and IT security issues on a regular basis.

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