Plugins: SMTP problems

Exim < 4.89.1 Use-After-Free BDAT Remote Code Execution

Postfix 2.x Mail Message Date Field RCE (ENTERSEED)

Mail Transfer Agent and Mail Delivery Agent Remote Command Execution via Shellshock

Qmail Remote Command Execution via Shellshock

Postfix Script Remote Command Execution via Shellshock

Exim < 4.83 Math Comparison Functions Data Insertion

Sendmail < 8.14.9 close-on-exec SMTP Connection Manipulation

OpenSMTPD TLS Blocking Socket Remote DoS

Exim with Dovecot use_shell Command Injection

McAfee WebShield SMTP Unsupported

Exim 4.70 - 4.80 DKIM DNS Record Parsing Remote Buffer Overflow

GroupWise Internet Agent < 8.0.2 HP3 iCalendar TZNAME Property Heap Overflow

Postfix Cyrus SASL Authentication Context Data Reuse Memory Corruption (exploit)

Postfix Cyrus SASL Authentication Context Data Reuse Memory Corruption

SMTP Service Cleartext Login Permitted

Anonymous SMTP Authentication Enabled

SMTP Authentication Methods

Exim < 4.76 dkim_exim_verify_finish() DKIM-Signature Header Format String

IBM Lotus Domino iCalendar Email Address ORGANIZER:mailto Header Remote Overflow

SMTP Service STARTTLS Plaintext Command Injection

Exim < 4.74 Local Privilege Escalation

Exim string_format Function Remote Overflow

MailEnable SMTP Service Denial of Service Vulnerabilities (ME-10044)

Exim < 4.72 Multiple Vulnerabilities

MS10-024: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange and Windows SMTP Service Could Allow Denial of Service (981832) (uncredentialed check)

SpamAssassin Milter Plugin 'mlfi_envrcpt()' Remote Arbitrary Command Injection

Sendmail < 8.14.4 SSL Certificate NULL Character Spoofing

SMTP Service STARTTLS Command Support

Sendmail < 8.13.2 Mail X-Header Handling Remote Overflow

Postfix epoll File Descriptor Leak Local DoS

Citadel SMTP makeuserkey Function RCPT TO Command Remote Overflow

ClamAV clamav-milter black-hole-mode Sendmail Recipient Field Arbitrary Command Execution

Ability Mail Server < 2.61 Multiple Remote DoS

Kerio MailServer < 6.4.1 Attachment Filter Unspecified Vulnerability

Mercury SMTP Server AUTH CRAM-MD5 Remote Buffer Overflow

MailEnable SMTP Connector Multiple NTLM Authentication Vulnerabilities

MailEnable SMTP Connector Service SPF Record Crafted Lookup DoS

Ipswitch IMail Server SMTP Service Crafted RCPT String Remote Overflow

IBM Lotus Domino SMTP Server Malformed Meeting Request (vCal) DoS

MailEnable SMTP Server HELO Command Remote DoS

Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS) < 3.2.8 Multiple DoS

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite / IMail SMTPD Multiple Commands Format String

GoodTech SMTP Server < 5.17 Multiple Buffer Overflows

BusinessMail Multiple SMTP Command Remote Buffer Overflows

Courier Mail Server < 0.50.1 DNS SPF Record Lookup Failure Memory Corruption DoS

Inframail SMTP MAIL FROM Command Remote Overflow DoS

SMTP Server Connection Check

GoodTech SMTP Server Malformed RCPT TO Command DoS

CommuniGate Pro LISTS Module Malformed Multipart Message DoS

Sendmail < 8.13.8 Header Processing Overflow DoS

Smail-3 < Multiple Vulnerabilities

NetWin SurgeMail Multiple Remote Unspecified Vulnerabilities

MailEnable Standard SMTP mailto: Request Format String

Exim < 4.44 Multiple Overflows

MailCarrier < 3.0.1 SMTP EHLO Command Remote Overflow

Youngzsoft CMailServer < 5.2.1 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

MDaemon File Creation Local Privilege Escalation

MailEnable Professional Webmail < 1.5.1 Unspecified Vulnerability

Microsoft Windows/Exchange SMTP DNS Lookup Overflow (885881)

Kerio MailServer < 6.0.3 Unspecified Vulnerability

Debian GNU/Linux Sendmail Default SASL Password

Canon ImageRUNNER SMTP Arbitrary Content Printing

MDaemon < 6.5.2 Multiple Remote Buffer Overflows

MailEnable SMTP Connector Service DNS MX Response DoS

Exim < 3.36 / 4.33 Multiple Remote Overflows

Courier < 0.45 Multiple Remote Overflows

ASN.1 Multiple Integer Overflows (SMTP check)

Exchange XEXCH50 Remote Buffer Overflow

MTA Open Mail Relaying Allowed (thorough test)

Sendmail < 8.12.10 prescan() Function Remote Overflow

Exim < 4.22 smtp_in.c HELO/EHLO Remote Overflow

Postfix < 2.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities

SMTP Generic Overflow Detection

Lotus Domino SMTP Server Forged Localhost Mail Header DoS

BaSoMail SMTP Multiple Command Remote Overflow DoS

MAILsweeper for SMTP PowerPoint Document Processing DoS

SLMail < Multiple Command Remote Overflows

FTGatePro Mail Server Multiple Command Remote Overflow

Sendmail < 8.12.9 NOCHAR Control Value prescan Overflow

smtpscan SMTP Fingerprinting

Solaris sendmail .forward Local Privilege Escalation

Sendmail < 8.9.3 Header Prescan Function Message Header DoS

Sendmail < 8.10.0 mail.local Newline Handling Remote DoS

Sendmail Crafted ETRN Commands Remote DoS

Sendmail < 8.8.4 Group Write File Hardlink Privilege Escalation

Sendmail < 8.6.8 -debug Local Privilege Escalation

Sendmail < 8.7.6 Multiple Local Vulnerabilities

Sendmail < 8.8.3 Daemon Mode Local Privilege Escalation

Sendmail 8.8.8 - 8.12.7 Multiple Vulnerabilities (Bypass, OF)

Sendmail headers.c crackaddr Function Address Field Handling Remote Overflow

Microsoft Windows SMTP Service NTLM Null Session Authorization Bypass (uncredentialed check)

ISMail Multiple Command Domain Name Handling Remote Overflow

Multiple Anti-Virus SMTP Message Long Line Parsing DoS

Sendmail Custom DNS Map TXT Query Overflow

eXtremail Multiple SMTP Command flog Function Format String

Sendmail RestrictQueueRun Option Debug Mode Information Disclosure

Sendmail < 8.12.1 RestrictQueueRun Option Multiple Argument Local DoS

Sendmail -C Malformed Configuration Privilege Escalation

poprelayd & sendmail Arbitrary Mail Relay

MS02-037: Microsoft Exchange EHLO Long Hostname Overflow

IPSwitch IMail SMTP Multiple Vulnerabilities (OF, DoS)

Microsoft Windows SMTP Service Malformed BDAT Request Remote DoS

Sendmail < 8.11.2 -bt Option Local Overflow

Sendmail < 8.11.6 -d category Value Local Overflow

Microsoft Windows SMTP Incorrect Credentials Authentication Bypass

MERCUR SMTP Server EXPN Command Remote Overflow

Sendmail mime7to8() Function Remote Overflow

Exchange Malformed MIME Header Handling DoS

McAfee WebShield SMTP 4.5 Multiple Vulnerabilities

Lotus Domino SMTP ENVID Variable Handling RCE

ITHouse Mail Server v1.04 To: Field Handling Overflow

NetWin DSMTP (Dmail) ETRN Command Overflow

Imate SMTP Server HELO Command Remote Overflow DoS

Lotus Domino SMTP MAIL FROM Command Remote Overflow

Trend Micro InterScan 3.32 SMTP HELO Command Remote Overflow DoS

XtraMail SMTP HELO Command Remote Overflow

TFS SMTP 3.2 MAIL FROM overflow

Sendmail 8.6.9 IDENT Remote Overflow

MTA Open Mail Relaying Allowed

Sendmail mail from/rcpt to Pipe Arbitrary Command Execution

Multiple MTA HELO Command Remote Overflow

Sendmail RCPT TO Command Arbitrary File Overwrite

Sendmail MAIL FROM Command Arbitrary Remote Command Execution

SLMail HELO Command Remote Overflow

Ipswitch IMail / SLMail VRFY Command Remote Overflow

Sendmail Redirection Relaying Allowed

Multiple Mail Server EXPN/VRFY Information Disclosure

Sendmail decode Alias Arbitrary File Overwrite

Sendmail DEBUG/WIZ Remote Command Execution

NTMail3 Arbitrary Mail Relay

Lotus Notes SMTP Server HELO Command Overflow DoS

MDaemon Connection Saturation Remote DoS

MDaemon SMTP HELO Command Remote Overflow DoS

Sendmail < 8.8.5 MIME Conversion Malformed Header Overflow

CSM Mail Server MTA 'HELO' DoS

CMail MAIL FROM Command Remote Overflow

NetManage Chameleon SMTPd Remote Overflow DoS

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