Tenable Network Security Podcast Episode 192 - "Detecting Malware, Passive Scanning"

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Welcome to the Tenable Network Security Podcast Episode 192


Discussion & Highlighted Plugins

This week, Carlos and I discussed the Passive Vulnerability Scanner's ability to detect client-side and embedded device vulnerabilities. We also covered Ron's presentation https://discussions.nessus.org/docs/DOC-1051 on using Tenable products to detect malware. We highlighted how PVS can search the files being hosted and search the DNS names hosts are accessing to detect common malware. We also covered how to pull information from different sources and use correlation to alert on the events you will care about.



Passive Vulnerability Scanner

SecurityCenter Apps

Security News Stories

  1. Important Security Update for D-Link Routers | Krebs on Security
  2. GCC Poison | Leaf Security Research
  3. Mobile Device Tips, Tricks and Resources
  4. How to find out if your password has been stolen | ZDNet
  5. Video: Installing PVS, the Passive Vulnerability Scanner



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