Plugins: FTP

Foscam C1 IP Camera FTP Hard Coded Password

Core FTP Server < 1.2 Build 588 32-bit Unspecified Overflow Vulnerability

Janitza Hard-Coded FTP Password

ProFTPD mod_copy Information Disclosure

GNU Bash Environment Variable Handling Code Injection via ProFTPD (Shellshock)

Cerberus FTP Server 6.x < / 7.x < Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities

Cerberus FTP Server 6.x < / 7.x < SSH FTP Account Enumeration

Serv-U FTP Server < Multiple Vulnerabilities

Cerberus FTP Server < / 6.x < Web Client Security Bypass

Default FTP Credentials (ntpupdate / ntpupdate)

Core FTP Server < 1.2 Build 515 Multiple Vulnerabilities

Core FTP Server < 1.2 Build 508 lstrcpy Overflow Code Execution

Core FTP Server Detection

Serv-U FTP Server < DoS

Serv-U FTP Server < Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

ProFTPD TELNET IAC Escape Sequence Remote Buffer Overflow

Alcatel OmniSwitch Default Credentials (ftp)

Serv-U < FTP Server SSL Renegotiation DoS

ProFTPD FTP Command Handling Symlink Arbitrary File Overwrite

War FTP Daemon 1.82 Denial of Service

Ruby ftpd Gem 'filename' Parameter Remote Command Execution

Cerberus FTP Server < Multiple XSS

Cerberus FTP Server < Cross-Site Request Forgery

Cerberus FTP Server < SSH DES Cipher Weakness

Wing FTP Server Multiple ZIP Commands Parsing Remote DoS

Globus Toolkit GridFTP Server < 3.42 / 6.11 'getpwnam_r()' Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

Globus Toolkit GridFTP Server Detection

FTPS Cleartext Fallback Security Bypass

ProFTPD < 1.3.3g / 1.3.4 Response Pool Use-After-Free Code Execution

Wing FTP Server SSH Public Key Authentication Bypass

vsftpd Smiley Face Backdoor

Wing FTP Server LDAP Authentication Bypass

Wing FTP Server Detection

FTP Service AUTH TLS Plaintext Command Injection

Wing FTP Server SFTP Connection Unspecified DoS

vsftpd vsf_filename_passes_filter Function Denial of Service

vsftpd Detection

BlackMoon FTP Server Denial of Service

ProFTPD < 1.3.3d 'mod_sql' Buffer Overflow

ProFTPD Compromised Source Packages Trojaned Distribution

FTP Server Traversal Arbitrary File Access (RETR)

ProFTPD < 1.3.3c Multiple Vulnerabilities

Wing FTP Server < 3.6.6 DoS

Serv-U <

Serv-U Version Detection

Wing FTP Server < 3.2.0 PORT Command DoS

Cerberus FTP Server MLSD and MLST Command Hidden Files Security Bypass

Solaris FTP Daemon Long Command XSRF

Mac OS X FTP Server Directory Traversal

Serv-U <

TurboFTP Server < 1.00.720 DoS

Serv-U <

Serv-U <

FTP Service AUTH TLS Command Support

Serv-U <

MS09-053: Microsoft IIS FTPd NLST Command Remote Buffer Overflow (975191) (uncredentialed check)

Cerberus FTP Server Command Processing DoS

Cerberus FTP Server Detection

Ipswitch WS_FTP Server < 6.1.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities (uncredentialed check)

Ipswitch WS_FTP Server < 6.1.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities

Ipswitch WS_FTP Server Version Detection (credentialed check)

Wyse Device Manager Default FTP Account

Xlight FTP Server Authentication SQL Injection

Serv-U < Multiple Vulnerabilities (DoS, Traversal)

ProFTPD Username Variable Substitution SQL Injection

Serv-U 7.x < Multiple Command Remote DoS

Titan FTP Server SITE WHO Command Resource Consumption DoS

Serv-U 7.x < Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities (DoS, Traversal)

FTP Supports Cleartext Authentication

ProFTPD Command Truncation Cross-Site Request Forgery

Serv-U 7.x < SFTP Directory Creation Logging DoS

HP-UX ftpd PAM Authentication Configuration Weakness Authentication Bypass

FTP Server Bad Command Sequence Accepted (possible backdoor/proxy)

FTP Server No Command Accepted (possible backdoor/proxy)

FTP Server Any Command Accepted (possible backdoor/proxy)

eScan Server Management Console (eserv.exe) FTP Server Arbitrary File Download

ProFTPD < 1.3.0a Multiple Vulnerabilities

ProFTPD Auth API Multiple Auth Module Authentication Bypass

WFTPD APPE Command Buffer Overflow

Easy File Sharing FTP Server PASS Command Overflow

Sambar FTP Server Malformed SIZE Command DoS

DataWizard FTPXQ Default Accounts

Ariel FTP Server Default 'document' Account

XM Easy FTP Server USER Command Buffer Overflow

ArGoSoft FTP Server RNTO Command Remote Buffer Overflow

Golden FTP Server Pro Multiple Command Remote Overflow DoS

Gene6 FTP Server Multiple Command Remote Overflows

GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server (gsftps) Custom Command Long Parameter DoS

Farmers WIFE FTP Server Multiple Command Traversal Arbitrary File Creation

Golden FTP Server APPE Command Remote Overflow

freeFTPd Multiple Command Malformed Argument Remote DoS

TYPSoft FTP Server <= 1.10 Multiple DoS

FTP Writable Directories

SlimFTPd Username/Password Overflow Remote DoS

Home FTP Server Multiple Vulnerabilities

FTPshell Server 3.38 Malformed PORT/QUIT DoS

ProFTPD < 1.3.0rc2 Multiple Remote Format Strings

Crob FTP Server < 3.6.1 build 263 Multiple Vulnerabilities

GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server User Input Overflow

Golden FTP Server <= 2.60 LS Command Traversal Information Disclosure

PlanetFileServer mshftp.dll Data Processing Remote Overflow

Inframail FTP Server NLST Command Remote Overflow

Hummingbird InetD FTP Component (ftpdw.exe) Command Overflow

NETFile FTP/Web Server FTP Bounce Attack

RaidenFTPD urlget Command Traversal Arbitrary File Access

RaidenFTPD Multiple Command Traversal Arbitrary File Access

Golden FTP Server Pro GET Traversal Arbitrary File Access

Intersoft NetTerm Netftpd USER Command Remote Overflow

XAMPP Default FTP Account

SurgeFTP LEAK Command Remote DoS

ProFTPD < 1.3.1rc1 mod_ctrls Module pr_ctrls_recv_request Function Local Overflow

WU-FTPD wu_fnmatch() Function File Globbing Remote DoS

FileZilla FTP Server Multiple DoS

PlatinumFTPServer username Multiple Connection Handling Remote Format String

ArGoSoft FTP Server DELE Command Remote Buffer Overrun

glFTPd Multiple Script ZIP File Handling Arbitrary File / Directory Access

ArGoSoft FTP Server < Multiple .LNK File Handling Vulnerabilities

3Com 3CServer/3CDaemon FTP Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (OF, FS, PD, DoS)

WarFTPd CWD Command Remote DoS

ArGoSoft FTP Server USER Command Account Enumeration

WS_FTP Server Multiple Command Remote Overflow DoS

GuildFTPd Long SITE Command Overflow

SlimFTPd Multiple Command Handling Overflow

Ability FTP Server Multiple Command Remote Buffer Overflows

ArGoSoft FTP Server .lnk Shortcut Upload Arbitrary File Manipulation

Hummingbird Connectivity FTP Service XCWD Command Overflow

ProFTPD Login Timing Account Name Enumeration

ArGoSoft FTP Server XCWD Remote Overflow

Serv-U 4.x-5.x STOU Command MS-DOS Argument Remote DoS

TYPSoft FTP Server Empty Username DoS

TYPSoft FTP Server LIST Command Traversal Arbitrary Directory Listing

TYPSoft FTP Server Crafted RETR Command Sequence Remote DoS

Titan FTP Server quote stat Command Traversal Arbitrary Directory Listing

WS_FTP Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (Bounce, PASV Hijacking)

WS_FTP Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (OF, DoS, Cmd Exec)

Titan FTP Server Multiple Command Remote Overflow

WS_FTP Server CWD Command Remote DoS

WS_FTP Server STAT Command Remote Overflow

WS_FTP Server Path Parsing Remote DoS

WU-FTPD S/KEY Authentication ftpd.c skey_challenge Function Remote Overflow

WU-FTPD MAIL_ADMIN Function Remote Overflow

WU-FTPD rnfr File Overwrite

WU-FTPD ABOR Command Arbitrary File Access

BlackJumboDog FTP Server Multiple Command Overflow

4D WebSTAR Symlink Privilege Escalation

4D WebStar Pre-authentication FTP Overflow

OpenFTPD SITE MSG FTP Command Format String

oftpd PORT Command Remote DoS

WU-FTPD restricted-gid Directory Access Restriction Bypass

DreamFTP Server username Remote Format String

WFTP 3.21 Multiple Vulnerabilities (OF, DoS)

Robo-FTP Pre-authentication Command Execution DoS

Serv-U MDTM Command Overflow

TYPSoft FTP Server 1.10 Invalid Path Request DoS

smallftpd 1.0.3 Multiple DoS

Sami FTP Server Multiple DoS

Crob FTP Server Connection Saturation Remote DoS

Xlight FTP Server Multiple Remote Overflows

Serv-U SITE CHMOD Command Multiple Vulnerabilities

WU-FTPD fileutils/coreutils ls -w Argument Memory Consumption DoS

ProFTPD File Transfer Newline Character Overflow

WU-FTPD fb_realpath() Function Off-by-one Overflow

FTP Server Copyrighted Material Present

PostgreSQL Authentication Module (mod_sql) for ProFTPD USER Name Parameter SQL Injection

NGC Active FTPServer 2002 Multiple Command Remote DoS

CesarFTP Multiple Vulnerabilities (OF, File Access, more)

HP-UX FTPD REST Command Remote Arbitrary Memory Disclosure

Crob FTP Server user Field Remote Format String

Multiple FTP Server quote stat Command Traversal Arbitrary Directory Access

ST FTP Service Arbitrary File/Directory Access

BlackMoon FTP Login Error Message User Enumeration

WebWeaver FTP Aborted RETR Command Remote DoS

smallftpd Multiple Vulnerabilities (Traversal, DoS)

FTP Server root Directory .rhosts File Present

FTP Server root Directory .forward File Present

Default Password for FTP 'admin' Account

Multiple FTP Server Traversal Arbitrary File/Directory Access

ProFTPD on Debian Linux postinst Installation Privilege Escalation

ProFTPD 1.2.0rc2 Malformed cwd Command Format String

Serv-U < 2.5e Multiple Vulnerabilities (OF, Path Disc)

Multiple FTP Server setproctitle Function Arbitrary Command Execution

SunFTP Multiple Command Traversal Arbitrary File Creation/Deletion

SunFTP GET Request Remote Overflow

HP-UX ftpd glob() Expansion STAT Buffer Overflow

BSD ftpd Single Byte Buffer Overflow

WU-FTPD Unspecified Security Issue

WU-FTPD Debug Mode Client Hostname Remote Format String

WarFTPd USER/PASS Command Remote Overflow

WarFTPd dir Command Traversal Arbitrary Directory Listing

WarFTPd CWD/MKD Command Overflow

PlatinumFTPServer Multiple Vulnerabilities

3Com NBX ftpd CEL Command Remote Overflow (1)

3Com NBX ftpd CEL Command Remote Overflow (2)

Windows FTP Server NULL Administrator Password

FTP Server Traversal Arbitrary File Access

WS_FTP Server SITE CPWD Command Remote Overflow

TYPSoft FTP Server Malformed STOR / RETR Command DoS

WS_FTP Multiple Command Long Argument Overflow

EFTP Nonexistent File Request Installation Directory Disclosure

Zaurus PDA FTP Server Unpassworded root Account

MPEi/X Default FTP Accounts

Multiple Vendor Embedded FTP Service Any Username Authentication Bypass

MS02-018: Microsoft IIS FTP Status Request DoS (uncredentialed check)

EFTP Multiple Command Traversal Arbitrary Directory Listing

Windows 98 FTP MS/DOS Device Name Request DoS

EFTP .lnk File Handling Remote Overflow

Multiple Vendor FTPD on Windows Floppy Request CPU Consumption DoS

Multiple FTPD glob Command Arbitrary Command Execution

QNX RTP FTP stat Command strtok() Function Overflow

GoodTech FTP Server Connection Saturation DoS

Solaris FTP Daemon CWD Command Account Enumeration

BSD Based FTP Server Multiple glob Function Remote Overflow

ProFTPD STAT Command Remote DoS

bftpd Multiple Command Remote Overflow

bftpd NLST Command Output Format String

Serv-U CD Command Encoded Traversal Arbitrary File/Directory Access

Broker FTP Multiple Command Arbitrary File/Directory Manipulation

EFTP Newline String Handling Remote DoS

PFTP Default Unpassworded Account

HP-UX FTP Daemon PASS Command Remote Format String

Serv-U 2.5e Null Byte Saturation DoS

WFTPD Unauthenticated MLST Command DoS

GuildFTPd Traversal Arbitrary File Enumeration

WFTPD Out-of-Sequence RNTO Command DoS

ProFTPD Multiple Remote Overflows (palmetto)

WU-FTPD site_exec() Function Remote Format String

Dragon FTP USER Command Remote Overflow

WU-FTPD SITE NEWER Command Memory Exhaustion DoS

WU-FTPD Multiple Vulnerabilities (OF, Priv Esc)

WFTP Unpassworded Guest Account

Vermillion FTPD Long CWD Commands DoS

ProFTPD NLST Command Argument Handling Remote Overflow

ProFTPD 1.2.0pre4 mkdir Command Directory Name Handling Remote Overflow

ProFTPD mkdir Buffer Overflow

Windows NT FTP 'guest' Account Present

Microsoft IIS FTP Server NLST Command Overflow DoS

WU-FTPD SITE EXEC Arbitrary Local Command Execution

Serv-U CWD Command Overflow

Anonymous FTP Writable root Directory

Multiple FTP Server QUOTE CWD Command Home Path Disclosure

WU-FTPD QUOTE PASV Forced Core Dump Information Disclosure

Multiple Vendor FTP Multiple PASV Command Port Exhaustion DoS

Multiple FTP Server Command Handling Overflow

FTP 'CWD ~root' Command Privilege Escalation

FTPd CWD Command Account Enumeration

FTP Privileged Port Bounce Scan

Anonymous FTP Enabled

AIX FTPd libc Library Remote Buffer Overflow

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