How Can I Be Sure My Security Investments Are Working?

Today’s enterprise networks are changing constantly, introducing new risks every day. Executives of any organization, regardless of industry, need the assurance that their technology assets and data are being protected effectively. This assurance cannot be guaranteed by the purchase of defensive security products alone. Security comes from deploying these products and configuring your network as part of a comprehensive security strategy, designed to minimize overall risk.

Continuous Network Monitoring™ for the new IT landscape

Periodic Assessments are a Thing of the Past

Organizations that have implemented continuous network monitoring are more than twice as likely to be satisfied with their vulnerability management approach compared to those who use periodic scanning.

Today’s Threat Landscape

The traditional definition of a network was centered on physical machines but the modern IT network has extended to include things like virtual systems, mobile users and cloud-based applications. Moving from periodic vulnerability assessment programs to continuous network monitoring is the only way to assure the safety of all of your cyber assets.

Secure Your Future

The future of security depends on organizations’ ability to scan and audit applications in areas they do not control, including applications in the cloud, and Tenable™ is leading the way, helping organizations to audit those applications against their own security policy to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Will you be part of the future of security?

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SecurityCenter Continuous View™ is a comprehensive, integrated continuous network monitoring platform that provides advanced analytics, metrics and reporting so you know you’re continuously secure.

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Tenable’s Critical Cyber Controls for Securing Systems

Where do you begin to develop a security policy in this dynamic IT landscape? The Tenable Critical Cyber Controls are the best-in-class cyber controls required to run a secure and compliant security program.

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5 critical controls: Track your authorized inventory of hardware and software, Continuously remove vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, Deploy a secure network, Give users access to only what they need, Search for malware and intruders

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Continuous Network Monitoring

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