Continuous Monitoring

Advanced Threats Require Continuous Monitoring

IT Security teams and professionals are constantly fighting sophisticated hackers and malicious users. They are also dealing with an ever increasing pressure to adhere to various compliance mandates. These forces are making it harder and harder for security teams to keep up with threats and incidents, conduct investigations and demonstrate compliance.

Continuous Monitoring is an emerging best practice across government, commercial, and educational environments. In order to succeed, security teams need to fully adopt Continuous Monitoring.

Tenable Network Security brings a unique advantage to Continuous Monitoring. This is an integrated vulnerability, threat and compliance management approach to empower security teams with the ability to accelerate forensic investigations, instantly respond to incidents and stay ahead of compliance audits.

Tenable implements Continuous Monitoring on the following key technical foundations:

  • 100% asset discovery through vulnerability scanning, network sniffing and event log correlation
  • 100% monitoring all the time, including monitoring between assessments for mobile, virtual and transient assets
  • Comprehensive library of over 1,000 security apps, reports and dashboards

Using Continuous Monitoring solutions from Tenable, organizations can:

  • React quickly when new vulnerabilities and hidden attack paths are discovered
  • Respond to incidents that emerge, and mitigate threats emanating from compromised assets
  • Detect and prevent inappropriate network traffic and relationships across your organization
  • Maintain regulatory compliance between audits and accelerate the audit process

100% Asset Coverage, 100% Of The Time For Vulnerability Management

Tenable's products uniquely provide superior visibility into vulnerabilities that no other solution provides by discovering every asset connecting to your network and monitoring every asset all the time. The Tenable's platform combines periodic scans with constant network monitoring and real-time event log correlation. This approach :

  • Detects transient assets that join the network between periodic vulnerability scans
  • Capture all network communications, including internal and external traffic
  • Monitor user and host activity on desktops, laptops, mobile and virtual devices
  • Ensure the correct configuration settings and operation for all software and hardware infrastructure on your network

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Sophisticated Threat Management

Tenable products are the the most effective way to manage threats in your organization. Tenable combines Nessus active scanning, PVS's passive network monitoring and LCE's event collection and correlation technologies and powers the combined solution with centralized intelligence, forensic analysis, incident response, visualization dashboards, and reports. By combining these capabilities you can:

  • Aggregate islands of risk and compliance data for centralized risk visibility
  • Detect new threats before they become pervasive or cause losses
  • Detect sophisticated attacks, botnets and APTs by combining security data with threat intelligence
  • Simplify management and risk mitigation in a centralized interface

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Real-Time Audit And Compliance Management

Using Tenable SecurityCenter CV your IT Security team can accelerate compliance management, and be ready for an audit in a fraction of the time. Tenable provides a library of hundreds of security apps that provide coverage for any compliance mandate by extracting and organize the relevant security data into the required compliance reports. Tenable allows you to:

  • Meet a broad set of regulatory compliance requirements from a single solution
  • Automate the data collection process for effortless audit readiness
  • Continuously maintain visibility over the compliance status across your environment
  • Rapidly detect and solve material violations that emerge
  • Deliver the necessary compliance information in a format appropriate to the standard addressed

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