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“True” Continuous Network Monitoring

Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View™ (SecurityCenter CV™) is the only true continuous network monitoring™ platform. SecurityCenter CV provides the broadest coverage of your environment, the deepest detection of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware and real-time threats, the most advanced analytics, and the industry’s only Assurance Report Cards™.

Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring

The Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring

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ARCs dashboard

Assurance Report Cards

Manage business risk with high-level business objects supported by hard security metrics.

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Assurance Report Cards

Asset Discovery

Discover and inventory all hardware, services, and web applications on the network

Advanced Analytics

Vulnerability Assessment

Assess systems, networks and applications for weaknesses

Forensic Analysis

Compliance and Configuration Audit

More than 450 templates are available for compliance and configuration auditing

Assurance Report Cards

Malware Detection

Detect advanced malware on endpoints and suspicious traffic to blacklisted external sites based on built-in threat intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Anomaly Detection

Detect unusual and suspicious network behavior

Forensic Analysis


Interoperate with patch management, mobile device management, cloud, threat intelligence applications, and more.

Assurance Report Cards

Alerting and Notification

Customizable alerts, notifications, and actions enable rapid response to high-priority security events

Advanced Analytics

Vulnerability Analytics

Identify vulnerable, misconfigured, or compromised assets, and provide analytics, trending and reporting to reduce the attack surface

Forensic Analysis

Assurance Report Cards

Measure and communicate status of high-level business objectives

It’s a home-run with an all-in-one Tenable solution that enables me to prioritize security risks and assess security posture of my enterprise at any time

–Healthcare Service Provider

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