SecurityCenter Continuous View Features

Know your network's health

SecurityCenter Continuous View and SecurityCenter products offer complete vulnerability analytics and continuous network monitoring to identify all known vulnerabilities, continuously monitor networks for threats, and perform analysis to measure security and compliance status and to rapidly respond to security breaches.

Asset Discovery

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Active Discovery Multiple active discovery methods
MDM Integration Query Mobile Device Management systems to augment asset attributes
Passive Discovery Monitor network activity and network logs to identify transient and unmanaged devices

Vulnerability Assessment

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Broad Asset Coverage Tenable supports the widest range of servers, endpoints, network devices, operating systems, databases, applications in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures
Multiple Scanning Options Tenable supports non-credentialed, remote scans as well as credentialed, local scans for deep, granular analysis of assets that are online as well as offline or remote scans
Agent-less or Agent-based Scanning Multiple scanning modes allow organizations to scan more assets, more frequently to reduce their attack surface
Passive Vulnerability Detection Analyze network traffic to identify server- and client-side vulnerabilities in new, transient, and unmanaged assets

Compliance and Configuration Auditing

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Industry Standards Templates for PCI, HIPAA/HITECH and NERC
Government Standards Templates for FISMA, GLBA and SOX
Security Standards Templates for CERT, CIS, COBIT/ITIL, DISA STIGS and NIST

Malware Detection

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Suspicious Processes Compare processes with known malware
Autorun Settings Audit autorun settings for persistent malware

Anomalous Behavior Detection and Analysis

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Vulnerability and Intrusion Correlation Correlate IDS logs with active and passively discovered vulnerabilities to prioritize response
Statistical Anomaly Detection Automatically record and optionally alert when event anomalies occur.
New Activity Automatically record and optionally alert when never before seen users, devices and connections are detected on the network
SQL Injection Attacks Monitor SQL activity to identify indicators of compromise
Command & Control Communications Detect inbound and outbound communications with known botnets and C&C systems
User Accounts Detect account activity that may indicate stolen credentials or suspicious insider behavior
Data Exfiltration Detects sensitive unencrypted data such as credit card data and social security numbers as it leaves the network.


SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Third-party Products Interoperate with patch management, mobile device management, cloud, threat intelligence applications, and more.
APIs APIs enable centralized management, reporting, remediation, and workflows

Alerting and Notification

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Email Notification Send email alerts for selected vulnerability or alert occurrences
Ticket Creation Create and assign tickets for further investigation
Syslog Alerts Send events to enterprise SIEM systems

Vulnerability Analytics

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Reports Library of schedulable reports that can be automatically distributed
Dashboards Library of drillable dashboards that organize and consolidate vulnerability analytics information
Trending Line charts display vulnerability analytics and status over time
Vulnerability Assurance Report Cards Communicate vulnerability analytic and scores to management in an easy in understand format

Continuous Network Monitoring Analytics

SecurityCenter Continuous View SecurityCenter
Reports Library of network event and activity reports that can be automatically distributed
Dashboards Library of drillable dashboards that display an integrated view of vulnerabilities, events, and network activity.
Trending Line charts display vulnerability, event, and network activity status over time.
Continuous Network Monitoring Assurance Report Cards Communicate vulnerability, events, and network analytics and scores to management in an easy to understand format
Tenable Critical Cyber Controls Measure and communicate the overall health of your security program to management