SecurityCenter Features

Simplified Administration

If you have a large number of Nessus® scanners or a complex deployment, SecurityCenter gives you a single place to manage Nessus scanners, gather and review scan results, and update plugins.

Single Console

Single Console

SecurityCenter is a centralized console for viewing scan data from hundreds of Nessus scanners deployed throughout your organization. 

  • View and filter scan results from a single management interface.
  • Manage all Nessus scanners from one console, including on-premise (physical, software, and virtual) scanners as well as the cloud-based scanning service.
Simplified Administration

Tiered Management

SecurityCenter is a highly scalable solution for organizations that have separate teams for scanning, auditing, and compliance management.

  • Distribute tasks to separate organizations by region, function, or responsibilities.
  • Using role-based access controls, give users full access to their assets while retaining centralized control over what each user can see and do in the console.

Faster Scans

Large networks may have thousands of systems that need to be scanned. SecurityCenter offers optimizations such as load balancing and parallel scanning to improve scan performance. SecurityCenter also makes it easy to maintain consistent configuration, audit, and scan policies.

Distributed Scans

SecurityCenter is a scalable platform that manages hundreds of Nessus scanners and offers efficient collection and analysis of scan data from distributed deployments.

  • It distributes scans to multiple scanners, and can run scans in parallel for shorter scanning cycles and faster results.
  • It collects and centralizes massive scan data for a consolidated view of vulnerabilities throughout the organization.
  • A scalable licensing scheme lets you run an unlimited number of Nessus scanners, licensing based on the number of scanned IP addresses.

Scalable Platform

Scalable Platform

SecurityCenter is a highly scalable solution that can grow incrementally with your organization’s needs.

  • As your organization grows, add Nessus scanners to increase scan performance.
  • Add functionality such as continuous monitoring and logging.
  • Automatically load balance scan activities across distributed SecurityCenter deployments.

Advanced Analytics

Automated workflows eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks for faster response to critical events. SecurityCenter can trigger actions based on specific criteria and thresholds. Configure customized responses to fit your specific organizational processes.

Automated Workflows

SecurityCenter eliminates manual processes through automated actions – accelerating your response to critical events.

  • Initiate scans automatically based on pre-determined triggers such as identification of new assets or file downloads from suspicious website.
  • Automatically trigger alerts based on the detection of specific events, such as a severe vulnerability detected on web server.
  • Automatically generate a report at the end of a scan to be delivered to security, risk, or compliance officers.
  • Configure custom alerts, ticketing, and reports for your specific organization.

Trend Analysis

  • SecurityCenter tracks event trends from all Nessus scanners by specific time periods to identify anomalous or recurring vulnerabilities, malicious behavior, or compliance violations
  • Gain intelligent insight into network vulnerabilities and events with out-of-the-box correlation and analysis.
  • Use signature-based correlation alerts to discover threats as they happen.

Centralized Dashboards

  • Dashboards provide organization-level views; group assets, users, and vulnerabilities and apply bulk policies or trend events and anomalies
  • Access over 100 preconfigured compliance reports, including CIS, PCI DSS, FDCC, SCAP, DISA STIG, 201 CMR 217, FISMA and CyberScope, and many others
  • Track vulnerability trends and remediation against compliance mandates for the entire organization.

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