SecurityCenter CV Architecture

Continuous Security, Risk and Compliance Intelligence

Multiple Solutions, One Integrated Platform

While each of our component products automates essential security assessment and compliance tasks, they combine to create a comprehensive vulnerability, threat and compliance intelligence platform that streamlines audits, incidents, and investigations across an entire IT organization.

Tenable Network Security Solutions

Next Generation Vulnerability Management

Identifies vulnerabilities and compliance violations in real-time, capturing hidden attack paths, and evasive malicious behavior.

Advanced Malware Protection

Audits configuration of existing anti-malware investments, detects known and unknown malware and suspicious activity, finds botnets and inappropriate network relationships identifying gaps that allow malicious access bypassing existing security investments and process.

Configuration and Patch Auditing

Automatically compares scan data with patch and configuration manager data, ensuring operations teams can quickly improve their processes to reduce risk from unmanaged device access.

Incident Response and Forensic Analysis

Ours is the only platform that identifies assets that could be exploited, are being exploited or have already been exploited, enabling precise remediation to minimize damage, loss, and compliance violations.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Patented passive monitoring technology enables us to protect critical infrastructure often sensitive to disruption with active scanning.

Mobile, Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure Auditing

While these technologies can represent 40% of IT assets or more, we are the only provider to capture 100% of these technologies in security, risk and compliance analytics.

Unique Underlying Architecture

Our unique underlying architecture enables this comprehensive set of solutions.

Tenable Architecture

Unique Sensors

Active scan, passive network and log sensors gather system data, network intelligence and logs, essential for true 100% asset discovery, and enabling real-time analytics even across mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructure.

Technology Connectors

Standards libraries, research and threat intelligence feeds, directory integration, and infrastructure connectors, provide comprehensive context for precise identification and efficient mitigation of security exposures, and compliance violations.

Advanced analytics

The platform incorporates an advanced analytics engine that integrates sensor data, with threat intelligence, correlated with security information and event management (SIEM). Security and compliance dashboards and reports built on this engine, identify compliance violations, analyze the performance of technology and operations processes, and detection of advanced malware, suspicious user activity, and indicators of compromise. 

Massive App Library

Our internationally recognized team of cybersecurity and complaince researchers and experts produce dashboards and reports, that are delivered to an integrated app store from our labs. Customers are able to leverage these apps, often out of the box, to meet a wide variety of security and compliance needs throughout the enterprise.

Dashboard and Report Designer

Reports, dashboards and workflows are easy to customize. Visual, historical and executive templates with available drilldown detail ensure corporate, business unit risk managers,  security analysts, and compliance auditors get the information they need.

The Products

Four distinct products: Nessus®, Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS), Log Correlation Engine (LCE), and SecurityCenter snap together in this architecture. You can purchase components individually to address vulnerability assessment and compliance challenges from mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructure, or choose SecurityCenter CV, the only real-time forensic analysis and incident response platform for vulnerability, threat and compliance management, eliminating exposure to theft, misuse and compliance violations.

Tenable Products


For programs designed to assess IT assets on a periodic basis, the Nessus vulnerability scanner leads the industry in in-depth checks, scan performance, prebuilt reports, and process automation.

By integrating with patch, configuration, mobile device management, and enterprise directories, SecurityCenter covers all the assets while eliminating days of interdepartmental validation and verification activities.

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SecurityCenter Continuous View

Tenable SecurityCenter CV (SC CV) is the only comprehensive vulnerability, threat and compliance management platform that alleviates the arduous and time-consuming tasks of security forensic analysis, complex threat mitigation and compliance management. It does so by discovering 100% of assets in your environment, monitoring them 100% of the time, including mobile devices, virtual machines and cloud services. Tenable SC CV uniquely combines vulnerability scanning, network sniffing and event log correlation into a single comprehensive platform

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Passive Vulnerability Scanner

PVS identifies hosts and services as they connect to the network and monitors the network continuously for vulnerabilities. It identifies network changes in real-time and tracks trends over time to identify threats, anomalies, and even sensitive data in motion.

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SecurityCenter provides central administration, advanced analytics, reporting, and dashboards. Different editions of SecurityCenter integrate Tenable products to fit your vulnerability management program - from periodic scanning at scale to real time monitoring for advanced risk, threat, and compliance requirements.

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Nessus Enterprise Cloud

For external scans complete with PCI validation, use the Tenable Nessus Enterprise Cloud. This service uses the same core Nessus technology for external industry validation - if you already use Nessus, you'll be prepared.

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Log Correlation Engine

LCE is a component of Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View providing incident response and forensics functionality with SIEM technology that aggregates, normalizes, correlates, and analyzes event log data from raw network traffic, NetFlow, IDS, system and application logs, and user activity.

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