New in SecurityCenter 4.8

Vulnerabilities Dashboard

SecurityCenter™ 4.8 enables organizations to dramatically improve the way they mitigate incidents and find IT security threats by integrating vulnerability and threat management into a single platform.

Key features include:

  • Pivoting and Contextual Filtering making it effortless to move between data types during security forensic analysis
  • Combination Asset Modeling of very large networks and devices.
  • User Based Modeling and Reporting enabling security analysts to focus on their area of expertise or responsibility, and quickly pull up the information they need for forensic analysis and threat mitigation.
  • Updated HTML5 UI providing a refreshed, easy to use and navigate framework for security analysts to perform forensic analysis and incident response.

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Contextual Filtering

Pivoting and Contextual Filtering

  • Pivot from one dataset to another while retaining IP, vulnerability and time context.
  • Traverse from e.g. vulnerability data of an asset to network communications that indicate an exploit.
  • Provide intuitive analysis by giving the security analyst an educated guess on next analysis or threat mitigation steps.
Dashboard creation updates

Combination Asset Modeling

  • Ability to model "assets of assets", enabling easier management of very large environments, including Class C networks
  • Create assets based on any system quality like open ports or installed software for forensic analysis
  • Dynamically created and managed asset lists within combination assets
  • Enable analysts to organize, analyze and manage groups of assets based on technical or functional groupings
  • Offers extreme flexibility not found in other solutions
User Responsibility

User Modeling and Reporting

  • Allows assignment of network segments and devices to specific analysts based on area of responsibility.
  • Administrators can define ownership of assets, and summarize security status by ownership.
  • Package dashboards and reports based on security analysts' responsibility, enabling faster incident resolution.
  • Security "app store" library of pre-built reports, and pluggable components as developed by Tenable researchers are now specific to the users' assets, making it easy to reuse components across analysts.

Updated HTML5 UI

  • Detailed asset summary with vulnerabilities by severity
  • Smooth navigation across vulnerability scan, network sniffed and event log data
  • Redesigned top menu bar placing critical analysis options in easy access
  • Collapsible side information panels to help focus on critical analytical information
  • Streamlined workflow enabled by an updated HTML5 analysis UI

Remediation Summary Tool

  • Identifies remediated vulnerabilities & risk reduction as well as track time to remediation
  • Considers all vulnerabilities currently being filtered on and then ranks by superseding patch
  • It does this dynamically such that for each unique patch, the rolling count of affected hosts, remediated CVEs and remediated vulnerabilities is reported on
  • Identifies vulnerabilities remediated, risk reduced, MS Bulletins remediated, CVEs remediated, and number of hosts affected
Remediation Summary

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