SecurityCenter CV Features

Key Benefits

Discover 100% of IT assets by detecting systems

  • Mobile devices
  • Cloud and virtual systems
  • Connecting to the network
  • Discovering unscannable assets in complex network segments
  • Automatically assessing their risk to determine remediation efforts

Assess Network Health

  • Enable superior visibility into risks across the enterprise by using a combination of active and passive vulnerability assessments.
  • With over 60,000 assessments SecurityCenter CV has more than three-times more checks than its nearest competitor.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Extensive repository of sophisticated dashboards
  • Out of the box and customizable reports
  • Data correlation techniques to help you identify and prioritize security and compliance issues

Take Action on Incidents Faster

  • All user activity
  • Configuration
  • Asset
  • Authentication data
  • Audit logs of network devices
  • Systems and applications detect hidden attackers
  • Malicious software
  • Compromised systems

Real-Time Malware Detection Using Statistical Analysis Allows Tracking

  • Botnets
  • Malware outbreaks
  • Unauthorized changes and anomalies with contextual intelligence from threatlists, such as Internet Identity and ReversingLabs, and indicators of compromise

Proactively Monitor

  • Compliance violations
  • Alert on deviations
  • Continually track whether regulatory requirements are met to better prepare for audits

Centralized Solution

  • Hybrid IPv4/IPv6 asset discovery
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Configuration auditing

Monitor, Analyze and Communicate Security Intelligence

  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Advanced analytics
  • Report sharing that support various roles throughout the enterprise

The Complete Solution

SecurityCenter Continuous View is comprised of SecurityCenter, combined with the active scanning of Nessus, the passive scanning of PVS, and the log collection of LCE.


The most widely deployed vulnerability scanner for broad and deep scans of networks, systems, data and applications. Satisfies internal network scanning requirements for PCI.

Passive Vulnerability Scanner™

Monitors network traffic in real-time to detect new hosts, services, protocols and applications for security and compliance violations.

Log Correlation Engine™

Collects and aggregates data from network and security infrastructure, raw network traffic and user activity to detect complex malware, isolate threats and compliance issues.

Product Features

  • Unlimited active scanners with Nessus
  • Industry’s largest vulnerability database, with plugins updated daily
  • Extensive compliance reporting and auditing
  • Granular, customizable dashboards and reports updated via live feed
  • Supports IPv6 address space
  • Integrates with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Patch Management Systems Third-party security and threat intelligence
  • Detects, classifies, and scans mobile devices
  • Real-time botnet and advanced malware detection. Performs attack paths analysis
  • Discovers 100% of IT assets for vulnerability assessment
  • Continuous, real-time vulnerability analysis through patented passive monitoring
  • Performs database monitoring and detects encrypted communications
  • Real-time detection and analysis of mobile, virtual systems and cloud-services
  • Detects network anomalies and performs event correlation
  • Collects, stores, compresses and correlates logs from thousands of network devices and applications
  • Aggregates and normalizes data from FWs, IDS/IPS, and DLP solutions, raw network traffic, NetFlow, application logs, user activity, etc.

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