SecurityCenter CV: Critical Capabilities

Next Gen Vulnerability Management

Tenable SecurityCenter CV is the only platform to combine scan data, network intelligence, and activity logs collected with our industry leading sensors, Nessus, PVS and LCE , to deliver the most advanced analysis of security risks and compliance exposure present in your environment. Key features include:

  • Unique Incident Response and Analysis through pivoting and contextual filtering
  • Broadest collection of security checks (over 60,000)
  • Coverage for virtual, mobile, and transient (BYOD) devices
  • Integration with leading patch management solutions
  • Sensitive Data auditing, including restricted files, PII, keyword-based auditing (“Top-Secret, "Confidential”, etc.)

Malware Detection

Detect the presence of known malicious processes on most common operating systems and alerts security analysts to the risk they introduce. Correlating detected malware data with vulnerability scan data allows security analysts to focus their attention on mitigating the most critical and imminent threats. SecurityCenter CV can:

  • Directly detect the presence of malicious processes on physical, virtual and mobile devices
  • Identify devices on your network communicating with known botnets and CnC servers
  • Discover configuration files that may have been tampered with by malware
  • Monitor registry settings for signs of compromise
  • Audit AV tools to ensure they are up to date and operational

Compliance and Patch Monitoring

Achieve real-time compliance monitoring to meet IT and regulatory compliance mandates. SecurityCenter CV packages more than 450 individual audit policies to ensure the integrity of a broad range of physical, virtual and mobile assets. The assets that SecurityCenter CV can monitor include OS, database, network gear, applications, web tier software components and many more. SecurityCenter CV can:

  • Assess devices against compliance frameworks and patch policies
  • Detect system changes to IT infrastructure components in real-time
  • Automatically perform configuration audit on mobile, newly discovered or changed systems
  • Ensure the correct configuration for logging and security monitoring of critical devices
  • Assess configurations against NIST SCAP to audit based on the SCAP framework

Network Behavior Analysis

Understand and correlate network usage and behavior information with vulnerability scan data. This capability provides security analysts with the context and depth of information necessary to quickly and effectively mitigate any threats to your IT environment. SecurityCenter CV can:

  • Automatically categorize network sessions based on length and on size.
  • Automatically detect anomalous spikes in network traffic
  • Discover and detect mobile, virtual and cloud devices in a dynamic IT environment
  • Detect suspicious proxy connections like SSH, VNC, terminal service, and perform proxy detection in general
  • Automatically correlate net flows with known botnets and known IPS threats

Log Collection

Collect log data from across the IT environment to provide constant visibility into the real-time activity occurring in your network and on your devices. SecurityCenter CV uses this data to identify potentially malicious actions on your most critical and vulnerable systems. Key features include:

  • Sophisticated security analytics, including statistical, historic, vulnerability, malware and network correlation
  • Comprehensive normalization and categorization of log data for hundreds of devices and applications
  • Broad device support with coverage for the most common, as well as the latest technologies deployed in the data center today
  • Ability to collect and correlate user activity logs, as well as logs from mobile devices and OS's
  • Built-in alerts and reports to get you up and running quickly

Forensics Analysis

Collect and archive critical security data from across your network including mobile, virtual and cloud devices, and allows forensic analysts to quickly examine this data for clues. Security professionals are able to inspect device assessment data, running processes network communications and event history all from a single console. SecurityCenter CV allows you to:

  • Gain instant visibility into the organization's network including 3D visualization
  • Easily follow forensic leads to investigate suspicious activity
  • Pivot from across different datasets and access disparate data without multiple consoles
  • Obtain relevant context on devices and their activity to understand hidden attacks
  • Quickly extract stored data for external analysis

Incident Response

Automate your response to incidents to minimize the impact to your organization using SecurityCenter CV and its threat mitigation functions. Devices in your environment that are infected with malware, part of a botnet or are being used by malicious insiders can be instantly identified and a response plan can be implemented right from Tenable SecurityCenter CV. With Tenable SecurityCenter CV you can:

  • Prevent compromised assets in your environment from continuing to engage in unauthorized behavior
  • Instantly identify inappropriate network connections and remediate permissions to prevent them
  • Guide your security response team to the correct steps required for incident response
  • Focus security analysis to users' specific area of responsibility and expertise using User and Asset Modeling
  • Move quickly from attack detection to containment, and to mitigation

Mobile, Virtual, Cloud Coverage

Actively discover hosts on the network to ensure that your risk profile is built on a complete and accurate picture of your IT environment. SecurityCenter CV maintains an accurate state of the IT environment by combining data from active scans, passive network monitoring and log activity to help security analysts deal with the extremely dynamic nature of today’s IT infrastructure. SecurityCenter CV can:

  • Instantly locate hosts connecting to your network between scheduled scans
  • Non-intrusively detect mobile and transient (BYOD) devices
  • Instantly identify virtual systems, their patch status, out-of-date applications and all vulnerabilities
  • Discover devices that do not support agents and validates them against the latest vulnerabilities

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