A Unified View of Enterprise Security and Compliance Risk

Streamline Vulnerability Scanning, Administration, and Reporting

For organizations with large and complex networks, SecurityCenter combines the power of Nessus® scanning with an enterprise-class vulnerability management platform. SecurityCenter:

  • Simplifies administration using a single console that manages distributed Nessus scanners for enterprise-wide security and compliance visibility
  • Accelerates scans with distributed and load balanced scanning, using a centralized database for faster and more efficient scans
  • Delivers advanced analytics including extensive dashboards, built-in and customizable reports that aggregate scan data to help you identify and respond to security and compliance issues

Simplified Administration

SecurityCenter provides a single console to administer Nessus policies, alerts, reports, and plugin updates across the enterprise. Use SecurityCenter to manage on-premise scanners as well as the hosted scanning service. Role-based administration, monitoring, and reporting support organizations that distribute responsibilities across multiple teams.

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Faster Scans

Use SecurityCenter to distribute and load balance scanning for faster scan times and shorter scanning cycles. You can add additional Nessus scanners to optimize scan cycles. A centralized database consolidates all scan data, eliminating manual aggregation and analysis.

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Advanced Analytics

Gain centralized visibility through SecurityCenter's centralized dashboards, audits, and reports. SecurityCenter tracks vulnerability trends against the widest range of regulatory and IT compliance standards and best practices. It provides advanced workflows and out-of-the-box correlation and analysis.

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Which Edition of SecurityCenter is right for you?

SecurityCenter SecurityCenter Continuous View
Unlimited active scanners with Nessus
Industry's largest vulnerability database, with plugins updated daily
Extensive compliance reporting and auditing
Granular, customizable dashboards and reports updated via live feed
Supports IPv6 address space
Integrates with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Patch Management Systems
Third-party security and threat intelligence
Detects, classifies, and scans mobile devices ✓ (via Nessus) ✓ (continuous)
Real-time botnet and advanced malware detection. Performs attack paths analysis. ✓ (via Nessus) ✓ (continuous)
Discovers 100% of IT assets for vulnerability assessment  
Continuous, real-time vulnerability analysis through patented passive monitoring  
Performs database monitoring and detects encrypted communications  
Real-time detection and analysis of mobile, virtual systems, and cloud-services  
Detects network anomalies and performs event correlation  
Collects, stores, compresses, and correlates logs from thousands of network devices and applications  
Aggregates and normalizes data from FWs, IDS/IPS, and DLP solutions, raw network traffic, NetFlow, application logs, user activity, etc.  

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