CyberScope System Report

by Randal T. Rioux
August 8, 2012


SecurityCenter helps automate CyberScope reporting requirements in a number of ways. This report summarizes the active discovery findings related to the CVE, CCE and CPE CyberScope areas for each system in a specific asset group.

This is not a LASR report for DHS submission. The goal of this report is to give you an immediate idea of your CyberScope preparedness.

This report utilizes the "iterator" feature, which recurses through groups to present multiple types of data for each selected filter result (such as IP addresses).

The data reported for each host in this report includes:

  • Host IP Address
  • NetBIOS Name
  • DNS Name
  • Last Scan Time/Date
  • CCE Results
  • CPE Information
  • CVE Vulnerabilities

To specify asset groups (and other filters if desired), edit the "Host Details" Iterator Group.


This will allow you to include only systems relevant to your CyberScope requirements. If you are reporting on a large number of systems, you should limit the scope to no more than 255 IP addresses. Otherwise, the report can become too long to be useful.